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hello, everyone! good morning. i have a classmate here with me and she would like to make several comments based on her experience with our school and the hesi exam. please, be kind with your... Read More

  1. by   prettysmartjob
    Thank You, We are a big group working together. Please pass it on to nursing students and working nurses. We need all the support we can get.
  2. by   RUBY2623RN
    I already signed the petition and I hope it will pass. I am very possitive about it.
  3. by   waiting4amiracle
    I have heard from a few people that as a result of the protest, HESI was cancelled. When I contacted the school the other day, the reply was that the retake is still on. Wondering if that is being said until decisions are finalized or is this all just a bunch of rumors?
  4. by   prettysmartjob
    No, Hesi being cancelled is not a rumor!!! It is in the works. We are just waiting for the letter.
  5. by   gretch26
    Hi we're doing petitions against city colleges of chicago...this is the link, you can post and forward to ur friends and classmates... i heard the chancellor and the presidents will be having a meeting about this on june 25..

    To all my fellow nursing students;

    This email is a petition for all Nursing Students, all Future Nursing Students, and All Future Registered Nurses...

    Let us change the Standard of HESI Exit Examination for Nursing Students of the City Colleges of Chicago. Several reasons why we should change the standard of HESI Exit Examination in the City Colleges of Chicago:

    The HESI Exit Examination is not standardized in the State of Illinois . It does not exist in other Nursing Schools in the State of Illinois . The HESI Exit Examination is not even standardized and much better has been abolished in other States of the United States .
    Evolve Elsevier is using HESI Exit Examination to evaluate nursing student's competency and to prepare them for the NCLEX-RN which is the standard for all nurses. However, it is not guaranteed that those who have passing score on the HESI Exit Exam will also pass the NCLEX-RN for the first time. Therefore, the HESI Exit Examination should only be used to evaluate students so they can strengthen their area of weakness. It should not be used as an instrument to hold the nursing students from achieving their associate or bachelor's degree in nursing.
    The HESI Exit Exam is not a part of the nursing curriculum. It should not be a reason to deny nursing students participation to their Pinning Ceremony and Graduation Ceremony.
    HESI is HESI and NCLEX is NCLEX. Nursing students should have a proper HESI review. Do not give an NCLEX-RN review for a HESI Exit Examination. It does not make any sense.
    All Nursing Students should have at least 4 weeks of preparation for the HESI Exit Exam not 3 days.
    Graduates of Nursing are allowed to take NCLEX-RN exam indefinitely. All Nursing Students should be given a fair chance to pass the HESI Exit Exam that should not be limited to two (2) attempts only.
    All Nursing Schools in the City Colleges of Chicago should have similar version of HESI Exit Examination. Otherwise, it is a bias discrimination.
    Nursing Students who are in ADN program should only have ADN HESI Exit Examination not a BSN HESI Exit Examination.

    We need your complete cooperation, participation, unity and support!!!

    Please forward this email to all nursing students that you know.
  6. by   gretch26
  7. by   lhrn10
    anyone know why they came to their senses ????
  8. by   gretch26
    woooohooooooo city colleges of chicago RN class 2010 made it!!
  9. by   waiting4amiracle
    meaning that it was officially cancelled? if so that's GREAT news, but what happens from here?
  10. by   prettysmartjob
    the hesi exam is officially abolished and we are now all able to graduate!!! students that should have graduated in may 2010 will graduate on aug. 11 2010. the other students from 2005-2009 are given another date. it did not happen over night. it was a group effort from students from malclom x college that made it happen. i was involved in that group. we started on this process a week after may 10th. we made flyers, we protested, and we met with the chancellor and her cheif of staff. we addressed all our concerns. we also did research on the exam and provided documents on the exam and how it was being abused. we asked help from other students from other city colleges. some students from olive harvey came out to help us in our quest. most students from other schools criticized us and said, " nothing will happen... it's a waste of time".
    " they do this type of stuff every year".
    still we did not give up!!! i thank my group and especially our group leader almarie who organized the whole thing. i'm am sooo happy that i was a part of this accomplishment . i thank the chancellor for listening to us and making this happen. she is an amazing person!!!!
    this is proof that dreams do happen as long as people stay determined and never give up!!!

    check your ccc e-mail.

    here is the official letter
    [color=#2e3436]june 25, 2010

    to: ccc nursing students - class of 2010
    from: chancellor cheryl l. hyman
    re: nursing comprehensive examination

    first, let me thank you for sharing your concerns and experiences about
    the nursing program and bringing the issues surrounding the
    comprehensive examination to my attention. i appreciate your
    professionalism and the research you have provided on this issue. your
    persistence and determination are great attributes that will serve you
    well in your careers.

    after consultation with the college presidents and review of national
    policies and best practices relating to nursing programs, i have made a
    decision about the issues you have shared with me. my concerns for all
    programs at city colleges of chicago are outcomes and student success,
    so i will be involved in evaluating the district's nursing programs to
    ensure that there is a quality curriculum and students are prepared for
    the city's nursing jobs. this will not all be done in a short time,
    but i assure you that positive changes will occur.
    there were some inconsistencies in the timing at which students were
    asked to sign acknowledgments of the city colleges of chicago academic
    policy pertaining to the nursing comprehensive examination this year,
    and the best solution is to allow the 2010 class to receive their
    degrees. therefore, students who were enrolled under the current
    policy and on track to graduate in may 2010 will be allowed to obtain
    their associate in applied science degree in nursing. the official
    degree completion date will be may 2010. the deadline date for applying
    for graduation is friday, july 30th, 2010. the nursing directors at
    your college will be available to assist you in this process. for
    students completing this summer 2010, they will be required to complete
    the required comprehensive review and test according to their summer
    schedule. this policy change will only apply to students who've
    successfully completed the nursing program in calendar year 2010, former
    nursing students will be addressed later in this document. i will
    continue to review other preparatory courses and to consult experts to
    ensure that we have high standards in the program.

    in order to obtain their degrees, students will need to meet all of the
    requirements for the associate in applied science degree in nursing and
    must apply for graduation. there is no fee for applying for graduation
    or participation in the ceremony. the degree criteria require a total of
    70 credit hours: 14 hours of prerequisites, 41 hours of nursing core
    courses, and 15 hours of general education courses. once the applied
    science application has been approved by the college, the student will
    then be eligible to receive his or her nursing state board application.
    the college will assist you with this process. we have planned a summer
    graduation ceremony and pinning on august 11, 2010 at malcolm x college
    for you and your families. the event will start at 6:30 p.m. there is
    no limit on the number of friends and family who can attend the
    ceremony. please rsvp with your nursing director if you plan on
    participating in the ceremony. you will receive more detailed
    information about the graduation from the nursing directors. i strongly
    encourage you to work hard to prepare for the state nursing examination
    and to take a review course, offered by ccc. ccc is offering a state
    licensure test-taking and review course this summer at no cost to
    students. for those enrolled, we encourage you to stay in the course
    and to continue to enhance your skills for the state nursing
    examination. if you are interested, please ask the nursing director for
    the schedule. students are welcome to attend the day or evening

    the presidents and i have been researching best practices and have
    found that some nursing programs use different products for exit exams
    while others use them for assessment. i am still in the evaluation
    stage, so there has been no decision about how hesi or any other
    examination will be used in the future. for students who have completed
    the program between 2005 and 2010, there will be a one- time amnesty
    based on the following criteria: completion of all nursing course
    requirements for the catalogue year of entrance to nursing program,
    completion of graduation requirements for an associates in applied
    science degree according to catalogue year, completion of a nursing
    review course (at the student's cost) between now and december 31,
    2010, and that the student owes no debt to the city colleges of chicago.
    students who want to participate in the nclex review this summer july
    14, 15, and 16th at mxc will need to let their nursing director know by
    july 9, 2010. in order to receive the certificate of completion, the
    student will need to participate the entire three days of the review.
    amnesty students will need to identify themselves to the appropriate
    director of nursing by september 1, 2010 and will have until december
    31, 2010 to complete the above requirements.
    if you have any questions about these changes, please send an email to
    me or talk to the president of your college. the presidents have been
    very involved in this process and want you to be successful. i will be
    working very closely with them on this issue. again, thank you for
    choosing the city colleges of chicago to obtain your nursing degree and
    thank you for bringing to my attention issues related to our program.
    good luck and i look forward to seeing you at graduation.
  11. by   prettysmartjob
    GRETCH26: Thanks for posting our petition and passing it on. I thank Rico from our group for making that. Well we wont be needing it now!!!!
  12. by   c597581
    I attended Malcolm X College nursing program and graduated in 2007. We had access to all of the HESI practice exams towards the end of our 2nd Med Surg rotation. Two days were allotted to practice all of the HESI exams (psych, ob, med surg, etc) which was not the best way to present the material. I understand Truman College has all students take HESI after every course to see how students are scoring, which is an appropriate strategy.
    I agree with the concept of HESI. Since it is imperative that students pass NCLEX on the 1st attempt for accreditation I can understand why CCC wants to make sure students will pass NCLEX. I don't agree with the limits they place on the number of times students can take HESI. They should let students take it as many times necessary to pass, and just charge the students every time to take it.
    I passed HESI on my first attempt, but studied A LOT outside of class with NCLEX review materials. All of the students shared the CDRoms with NCLEX prep questions so everyone had access to the same learning materials. Part of it is anxeity; it is tremendously stressful to sit for HESI knowing that if you fail you could very well fail out of the program which has taken up so much time and money. Another part of it is the student's preparation, the tests administered during the semesters are unlike the HESI; but it is up to the student to supplement their learning.
    I support the use of HESI by CCC, but I definitely agree that their pass or fail policy is too harsh.
  13. by   prettysmartjob
    We were not against the Hesi exam either. We were against the way it was being used against the students and ruining their lives. I am so happy that since the policy has changed , many students will get their degrees and move on with their lives.

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