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Hi, Are there any nursing students from Truman on here? Past or present. I have some questions that I can't seem to find the answer to on their website. 1. Is the admission still "lottery... Read More

  1. by   RUBY2623RN
    Thanks a ton Gonnabeanurse11!!!
  2. by   4hana9
    Quote from gonnabeanurse11
    Preston went to Holy Cross on the south side last year for 101. There is no hospital in Evanston that Truman goes to. Kipnis goes to St. Josephs which is on lake shore drive and Diversey.
    Okay, I stand corrected. Do you know which hospital Romba and Murphy go to?
  3. by   gonnabeanurse11
    Murphy goes to Illinois Masonic and Romba I believe went to Our Lady of Ressurection. The hospitals change every semester but Murphy always goes to Illinois Masonic and Kipnis to St. Josephs.
  4. by   Chinis_R_N_

    I was accepted into the RN program starting in the fall & am looking over the class schedule listed in the Fall 2010 book. I notice the classes are set up in blocks, and Professor Kipnis is listed as having class from 9-10:50am MW. Is that correct? Are our lectures only going to be less than 2 hrs long each day? It seems that the other professors are set up doing 11-12:50. I need to know as I am coordinating school with work & babysitting schedules....

    Any info would be greatly appreciated! (all the info you've given already has been really useful!)

    Congratulations on all of your hard work in RN school
  5. by   gonnabeanurse11
    Yes Kipnis has class from 9-1050 MW and the other teachers from 11-1250. That is all the lecture for 101 but you also have to attend a skills lab each week. There is a 2 hour skills lab that you have to take each week where you go to the mock hospital and demonstrate all the skills you learn. This is done for the first and second semester only. You have to sign up for it and it is first come first serve, well at least it was last year when i signed up. There are only 10 people per skills lab so there are tons of different time slots for it, each day of the week. Let me know if you have anymore questions.
  6. by   Chinis_R_N_
    Thanks so much!! Your quick reply is extremely appreciated... School begins in almost 3 months & I already have to get my schedule straight LOL Your info on the skills lab is also helpful for me to figure out what free time I will have to do them....

    Are there any other suggestions you have about RN Orientation or Nursing 101 in general? (Yup I'm def planning on getting to the Orientation EARLY!! )
  7. by   RUBY2623RN
    chinis RN, and everybody else, I am so exited that in two weeks we have our orientation!!
  8. by   gonnabeanurse11
    Yes just make sure that you never miss class or clinical ever because it will really put you at a disadvantage. Also, make sure that you volunteer to do things in clinical or see things or whatever is offered take it! I would purchase the Fundamentals Success book and the Saunders NCLEX book because both of those were extremely helpful to me in 101. I dont know how you study but having a study partner or people that you routinely study with is very helpful in nursing school! I asked a girl in my 101 class if she wanted to study with me before our first exam and ever since then we have become the best of friends and have studied for every exam together in 101 and 102, it is invaluble to have friends that you go to school with. I am fortunate to have become good friends with several people from 101 and had them in my 102 class and now they will be in class with me again for 3rd semester, honestly I dont know what I would do without them. I cant think of anything else right now but as soon as I do I will post them!
  9. by   ChicagoMaryRN
    Hi all - I'm so glad I came across this thread - so much good information. I too will be starting at Truman in the fall. A friend who just finished her 1st year suggested Kipnis as well, so I will be certain to get to registration early as well. Additionally, I signed up for Pharm 103, thought it kind of strange that it was only a 5 week class, and now I know why - it's Pharm 104 that I should take. Good to know that I can take it next summer, if necessary. I really wish I knew about taking Pharm before receiving my acceptance letter, as I would have tried to take it during Spring 2010. Thanks for all the information, gonnabeanurse, on books - good to know what is and isn't useful. I guess I'll meet some of you on this thread when we all show up for registration early ! Can't wait! Regards, Mary
  10. by   ewuncia14
    Can anyone give me some feedback on compass reading test? Is it both english and math or just english? Was it hard? Also I was wondering what would be the best way to prepare for it? Can anyone give me some advice? Thank you so much!
  11. by   frida26

    Regarding the Reading Compass exam for the nursing program. Its only reading not math, hence Reading compass exam! The exam was not that hard I got a 91 because I get very nervous and cant think straight. I prepared by taking the reading compass practice test. They can give it to you in the testing center or you can find it in Truman website. Just type what you are looking for. I also, Google more reading practice exams just to be ready. Overall, I don't know how good of a test taker you are are, but extra practice wont hurt GOOD LUCK!!
  12. by   4hana9
    Another tip about the Compass exam: take it at Wright because they don't have a time limit. I don't know about the other CCCs. You can have all the time in the world to go over your answers and this helped me tons, since I'm a nervous test taker. It is a fairly simple reading exam. Make sure you go over your answers. Don't rush through it. Re-read the passages. The answers are in the passages themselves. I think I only had about 3-5 analytical questions, in which the answers weren't directly in the passages and you had to infer from the reading. Those were terribly hard, but I just want to give you a heads up. I would say, if you've taken English 101 and gotten an A or a B, you'll be able to score at 90 or above (which is the required score for Nursing).
  13. by   4hana9
    (Sorry, correction for above)
    *WERE NOT terribly hard

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