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If you are currently a student, have graduated or going into this program, how do you like it? Do you feel prepared for nclex? How are the teachers, clinical sites? Anything and everything will be so... Read More

  1. by   SMOKEY2112
    Quote from freyes
    thank you for the response. one more question, do Ambria LPN/RN programs run through the summer?
    You know what hon..I'm really not sure.. I probably knew before but because I haven't kept up with the info because I was hoping to get into an RN program.. I've been slacking on the info.. I think it could be that if you go full-time the program is either 10 months or a year.. so I guess it could since I think the next one starts next month sometime. Are you going to go there?
  2. by   frank21
    if anyone knows when you are a full time student or part time student at ambria because the schedule does not show the difference
  3. by   SMOKEY2112
    Quote from frank21
    if anyone knows when you are a full time student or part time student at ambria because the schedule does not show the difference
    You should prolly call and ask them because full time you get done in like 10 months and part time can be up to 16 months or something like that I think..
  4. by   adek
    I need to post a new topic,but I cannot find where to post.Wilbur wright college or Northwern Institute of Health and Technology for LPN.Which school is better and why would you chose one after the other.
  5. by   RaeMae
    Wright would be MUCH less expensive but you'll be waiting a while to get in. NWIHT is gross. I went there for my CNA and the school, lab, instructors, and admin were all terrible in my opinion. The school and lab are so outdated that you'll only be able to work in the nursing home home that you'll do your clinical at. The instructors are unprofessional. The instructor I had for CNA couldn't say 'penis' without giggling and would often refer to it as a man's "weapon". Continual sexual jokes were of that nature were made. He would also refer to feces, stool, bowel movements as sh*t and other distasteful words. Yes, I understand that I sound like a prude, but I didn't sign up to pay over $1,200 to be taught by a man with the maturity level of a 7th grader. And complaining to admin will do you no good. Several people in my class complained and we were blown off.
    Have you looked into Ambria? I would suggest checking that place out if you haven't.
  6. by   adek
    I have everything Ambria needs,but its over an hour drive from my house and I have to come up with $5000 since my financial aid won't be enough which I cannot afford.I applied at wilbur wright college and am hoping I will get into their program,I must admit NWIHT staff are very unprofessional and rude,am so hoping that I will get into Wright program.
  7. by   sgthanzo
    @Adek - Wright College has one of the best NCLEX-PN pass rates in the Chicago-land area. Likewise, you might able to take advantage of their RN bridge once you complete their PN program. If you have the time to spare, I'd highly suggest that you apply for their program without delay. You never know how your luck holds until you try.

    With regards to NWIHT... There will be days when you will encounter people who are less than at their best. This holds true regardless of whereever you go and who you interact with. If your experience with said school is just with one individual, my (unsolicited) advice is to see if you can speak with someone who might be able to get you the information you need. You'll do yourself a disservice if you count your option(s) out just because the person you encountered was not at his/her best. However, if you encounter the same negative behavior from said institution regardless of who you approach, then at least you can tell yourself that you've done your homework when you crossed them off your list.

    Best of luck on your search...

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  8. by   adek
    @sgthanzo,thank you and God bless,have applied to wilbur wright with a gpa of 3.5 and a teas score of 54% plus I have a cna,do you know anything about their admission process and do you think I have a chance?Thanks
  9. by   sgthanzo
    @Adek - As with any CCC Nursing program, they'll actually tell you that having a good GPA and TEAS scores do not guarantee acceptance into the program. What they'll give you are the minimum criteria for acceptance. For the GPA, CCC (Wright included) requires applicants to have a GPA of 2.5 or higher. Yours is 3.5. With regards to your TEAS score -- TEAS is not a pass/fail test. Rather, it's given to individuals to measure their basic comprehension of English, Math, and Science. If you managed to get a GPA of 3.5 (which is pretty darn good), I think your TEAS score should be the least of your worries.

    Regarding the Admission requirements for Wright College -- I know as much as the next guy (as I don't work for them). However, I do know that they conduct regular "informational sessions" where Q&As between the administrator and the applicants take place.

    You may also want to visit their Admissions web page for more information. I've pasted the link below for your convenience.


    Bottom line... If you dream it, believe in it, and act on it, it'll never be a question of if you'll ever become a nurse... it'll be only a question of "when?" I hope my limited answers above are able to guide you to your exciting career choice.

    Work hard, play plenty, but study smarter.