? About Retaking NCLEX-RN

  1. So I took the NCLEX-RN, for the first time, on August 21 and failed . I paid another $200 to Pearson Vue right away (to be able to test again) after I got my failing test results... and I THOUGHT that I would receive a new ATT after my 45 days were up, but I STILL HAVEN'T GOTTEN ONE!!! So, my question is, DO I HAVE TO FILL OUT THE APPLICATION AGAIN FOR IL BOARD OF NURSING AND PAY THE $88? OR DO I ONLY HAVE TO PAY THE $88 TO RECIEVE MY NEW ATT? OR WAS I SUPOSE TO RECEIVE MY ATT ALREADY?


    THANK YOU! :spin:

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  3. by   +one
    Just pay the Pearson Fee of $200 and the Continental Testing fee and your ATT should be on your email if that is your preferred method within 2 days or less than a week. Hope this helps! Good luck!
  4. by   WntMorCNA
    Hey Thanks! I actually figured it out yesterday ( I think ). We will see if I get my ATT soon. I decided to dig up my papers I got 60 days ago when I found out I failed (which had been thrown somewhere in disgrace about the test). Then there was directions on there about how to sign up again. I just filled out a short application with Cont. Testing... thank God it wasn't the original one I sent the first time! Then I paid my $88 and Pearson 200 (which I had done already). Hopefully I did everything right! I will see soon, I guess.

    Thanks for replying This was my first thread that I started. lol I'm new.
  5. by   +one
    if you did the steps that was written with your papers then you can just wait for your ATT, good luck on your test! Will be praying for you!
  6. by   WntMorCNA
    I got my ATT! I test on Nov. 23 at 2pm! Only 2 wks away!!!
  7. by   Quenipas56
    i deeply hope you the best of luck on your new test day
  8. by   nurse grace
    Hello. I also just recently took the NCLEX-RN end of july and found out through the unofficial results that I did not pass. I am a little bit confused with the process of reapplying to retake the test. Do I have to get re-fingerprinted and everything all over again? Do I have to wait for the official results to come in the mail? I really want to take this test as soon as the 45 days are up to be certified in Illinois. Also, I moved back to Wisconsin to live with my parents temporarily, is there a way I can take the test in Wisconsin but still be licensed in Illinois?...and if I have to get refingerprinted can I do that in Wisconsin or do I have to go back to Illinois?? Who do I all have to pay and sign up with?? Somebody help!!
  9. by   rhose_30
    Hi I know this thread was long time ago but i want to ask how did you reapply for the nclex IL? Are you international graduate or US? Where do you get the form?? Do you need a letter from CTS about failed exam?