If you don't work at the bedside, where do you work?

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Specializes in Physical Rehabilitation.


I'm just interested in seeing where nurses have taken (or started) their careers if they aren't working in direct patient care. I love my patients, but after nearly 10 yrs at the bedside, I'd like to find out what other paths nurses can take.


Specializes in Family Practice, Urgent Care, Cardiac Ca.

Clinical Nurse II, running the independent nurse visits at a large family community health practice, lots of wound care, follow-ups, UTI visits, some urgent care, teaching on new diagnoses, etc. Love it!

Home Care Planner working for a home care company. I work within a hospital with social workers and discharge planners to assess pts for home care and plan their services.

Family Practice Clinic (9 1/2 months). I do phone triage, patient triage, nurse visits, wound care, transport of patient to hospitals, and whatever my two Doctors need in the way of shots.

Specializes in Nursing Professional Development.

Nursing Professional Development (staff education)

Specializes in pediatrics, public health.

Foster care public health nurse. I make sure the health care needs are being met for the 80 kids on my case load. This includes helping foster parents find PMDs as the child enters the system, helping with referrals to specialists if needed, making sure we have a complete set of medical records on each kid and that their health information is conveyed to the new care givers if they change placement. Plus home visits for care giver education or to evaluate the kids. The particular program I work for focuses on the youngest kids in the system, ages 0 to 5.

Specializes in SICU BICU MICU ED PACU Homehealth.

Research nursing is another one

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