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I am currently working on a respiratory unit, I have only been here for about six months, previous to that I practiced in another state the same amount of time. I currently have an opportunity to accept a job in the ER at another area hospital. This is something that I did not solicit, a friend that I went to school with told her nurse manager about me. I never applied for a job in the ER, because I truely thought I would not be even looked at if I did not have at least 2yrs of experience.

This is a very hard decision for me because I really think that I would love working in the Er and enjoy the challenges that I would find there.

However, my nurse manager from the respiratory unit, wants me to stay and has offered me a day position. Which I must say is enticing. I have been agonizing over this decision and really am receiving no support from my husband either way. Days would be better right now for my family, but an opportunity to work in the Er seems like a good career move, with the potential of getting a day position in the near future.

I handle change okay, for the most part but, it seems recently I have had to deal with an overabundance of change in my life, from family changes to work changes.

I guess what I am truely asking is it too soon to go to ER????? I will value all input I get!



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Congratulations on your offer to go to the ER.

Is it too soon to go? NO. In our ER we have hired new grads, they just get a longer orientation. If the ER is what you want I say go for it. :D


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If you aren't unhappy where you are right now think long and hard before you make a radical change into a highly specialized unit. Of course you can do it but you are wise to put a lot of thought into it. Most of us have made changes in our careers because we "needed" the change whether we were unhappy with where we were, needed more money/security/respect... the list is endless. If you are happy and fulfilled with your current position...?

One of the few benefits to nurses during this time of critical shortage is that there will be positions available to us when we need to change. If you decide not to make the leap, it doesn't mean that you've burned the bridge to ER, you've just chosen not to cross it at this stage of your career.

Best of luck.



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If ER is where you really want to be then that is where you should go. Being a nurse is in itself stressful at times. If you are not doing the type/area of nursing that you really want to be involved in then the stress is increased.

One of the true benefits of nursing as a career is the ability to change your work environment without leaving your profession. A nurse that is happy with her job is a benefit to the patient that she is responsible for.

I guess what I am saying is that the decision must really be yours. But, if we need to work we may as well be doing something that we enjoy.

Good Luck


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Hi Y2KRN. What do you want to do? Make a pro and con list. Have you taken time to check out this potentially new employer including visiting and touring the hospital and the ER BEFORE making a decision? Each time you change employers, you want to scope out the entire situation not just the job itself. What do know about administrative support in this hospital? How does the staff get along? etc. Do you have an opportunity to do some work on the side at the hospital in the ER? Or, another alternative is for you to work part time or prn in your current position while working at the other hospital. Would your husband agree to your wadding in two different pools? Where do you see yourself going with ER experience? Where do you see yourself going with the position on the respiratory unit? Are these two hospitals in the same system where your benefits can accrue?

You do want to consider a move before you are hooked to an employer for the benefits and comfort. Many of us during our careers placed ourselves in a rut and got comfortable working where we were and did not dare move out of our comfort zone even if we started hating what we were doing. As other posters have pointed out, there are so many opportunities for those in the nursing arena to grow and expand. Day shift traditionally had been hard to find and get with it being only relegated to those who had starting working when the foundation of the hospital was built. But with the growing lack of FT nurses in practice and the increased demand for FT nurses, I don't for see that as a problem for a while. Best wishes.


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I like the pro-con list thing. Another thought is how good a friend is this that relayed to the NM about you. If it is just an acquaintance, she MIGHT be doing it for a recruitment bonus..... ONLY A THOUGHT no accusations.

I personally think 6mos isn't long enough at one place to get the full benefit of experience. Then again, I don't like respiratory either. Good luck.:confused:


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Thank you to everyone, I really appreciate the input. I did get a call and offered the job yesterday at the new hospital. I have not given them an answer, and I made my pros and cons list last night.

I have always wanted to work in critical care, and I do have OR back ground. I like some aspects of the respiratory floor, I like the vent patients. I knew when I took this job I would not want to do it forever, I just never thought that I would get an opportunity to work in the Er so soon.

I really love my nurse manager on the Respiratory floor she is new and really is for her nurses on the floor, it is nothing to see her taking patient assignments, and get heat from management for doing so. I talked with her yesterday for a long time and she supported me, said that she belives in change, and if I didn't like it she would hire me back in a heartbeat.

I am going to work per diem for the Respiratory floor, and I am going to take the plunge into Er nursing, I am excited and scared all at the same time. I do feel that it is a good career move and I look forward to improving my skills and learning new things.

The two hospitals are in the exactly the same distance away from me, the one I work at now however is not the trauma center it is the new hospital that has the trauma center.

This friend is an acquaintance but, there is no bonous involved for she or I.

Thank you all soo much, this has been a really tough decision, because I really like the people I work with and I was just getting comfortable there. I am glad that I will be per diem there, all doors will not be closed for me.

This board is wonderful!! My husband has finally supported my decision as well, which gives me comfort!


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