If you did not pass, do they make the second time harder?


I had 227 questions and comp shut off, and surely enough i did not pass. i had just came back from overseas a few days before and i was extremely jet lagged. I should have rescheduled the exam instead of going in half brain dead. I get hard headed sometimes; but this time had costs me.

I plan on retaking it as soon as possible.

But i am worried that they will make the NCLEX tougher the second time for me.

Can someone confirm that the NCLEX-RN stays at the same level every time you take the exam?

I am from new jersey btw.

any helpful response would be greatly appreciated.

So does the level of difficulty increases as you retake them? (for those you have experience in taking the NCLEX)


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I think I did not pass also.

I took my NCLEX this morning and got to 265 questions.

I got probably over 50 client priority questions. I guess I got so many because I did not answer as many I needed to correctly.

I will do the PVT trick this evening and confirm


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50% of my test was all priority. i ended up guessing more than half because i was not able to open my eyes and read to understand what the choices and the questions were saying.

anyway good luck to you!


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Took the nclex-rn twice, it is not harder the second time. The exam gets easier or harder depending on how you are doing. Study, do practice questions and read the rationales. I failed the first time with 265 and passed my 2nd attempt. Its doable, make sure you know your content. Good luck.