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If ya'll don't mind me asking, what were ya'lls GPA's while applying to nursing school? If you don't want to provide this info, what was your average accepted GPA?

Additionally, what were your HESI A2 scores (if taken)?

I would just like to know to see where I stand because I am currently applying to nursing school.



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I'm attend a Community College and the cutoff was 2.9, our class average was 3.2. We took the NET test. Our program paid close attention to grades in A&P 1&2, Microbiology, Biology and Developmental Psychology.

Good Luck


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I had a 3.8 when applying to nursing school. Grades are very important, I took Micro over after receiving a C the first time around and then achieved an A. Both are on my transcript. Hence, the point 8.


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GPA 4.0 HESI 88

overall acceoted GPA 3.5 HESI 80

School paid close attention to science courses with 80% of accepted students earning a B+ or higher.


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Math score on the NET test was #1 factor getting in. I'm in the middle of first term finals right now and me and a few others are getting 4.0. Next term may be very different, however.


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4.0 going into the Nursing program. Most in our program had between 3.5 and 4.0 with an ACT of at least 20, but only a few people were under 22