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I am posting this to share my experience getting my license from the IDFPR in Illinois. While going through this I read every thread I could find related to this to try and ease my anxiety. I graduated June 21, 2019. The day of my graduation my school sent continental testing services my character references, letter of explanation, and certified court documents through the mail, as this has been their practice for years. I have 2 misdemeanors that are non-convictions from 10 years ago. I received my ATT June 27th. FAST RIGHT! Whew I was ready to go! I took the first test date I could get, and took my NCLEX on July 9th. I immediately did the trick in the parking lot and found out my results were put on hold. Oh boy that was a tough 2 days! After 2 days they came off hold, and I found out I passed. I did some investigating on the internet and found out I could create an acct on to check the status of my application. I could already see my status, and see that under State Fingerprinting, Fees, Positive Personal History, & FBI Background it said failed/rejected. I was nervous, but I had no information about what this information meant so I began to wait for my official pass letter from CTS so I could pay for my license. Again after doing some reading in threads here I actually found out I didn't have to wait for the letter, that I could actually just go to IDFPR office in Springfield and pay for my license without it. I did just that. I took a money order to the office, and was told my license should be posted by the end of the week.

I received 1st deficiency checklist July 19th. It wanted info I had already had mailed, and uploaded onto the IDFPR site. I went back and forth for almost 2 weeks with call center, because unfortunately they don't have access to all my info, so I would get a different answer every time I called.

I went to Springfield office on Aug 1st with photocopies of everything. I submitted it and was told they again they had everything they needed, and I would have my license posted within the week.

I received my 2nd deficiency letter Aug 4th. It was a photocopy of the first except it said at the top not to submit docs that I had already submitted twice.

I waited on hold for 2 hours to be told they needed all my docs. !!!!!! I almost lost my mind!

I went again to Springfield on Aug 6th. They then showed me what the issue was. On my background check the 2 misdemeanors showed up twice. Meaning it appeared I had 4 charges. So they were wanting docs on charges I actually had never received. They looked up the charges on public access right in front of me and saw there were in fact no charges. They acknowledged it to be truth and told me they would push my license through immediately. It posted within a few hours, and then I received a personal call from a licensing agent to inform me that it had posted.

This whole situation for me was a nightmare. I signed an offer a month ago, and also have another job that I was working at license pending waiting on this license. I know this is long, but I also know the desperation of not knowing what is happening with your license. I read every single thing I could while I was waiting. I hope my story gives someone peace during their wait.



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Hi, thanks for sharing your experience. I checked the CTS and said that I passed the NCLEX. It’s been 1 week now and I haven’t received a mail from the BON for my license. I’m wondering if they will send me a mail or should I wait?


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Oh my goodness. This is 2023 and I am afraid this is what I am dealing with now. I too have a non-conviction and mailed all court certified docs, letter to CTS and was approved to test. Now I see similar issues on the IDFPR site and I had mailed my check. Unfortunately I have to wait until Monday to get this resolved, but I live so far from Springfield I am praying it is only a one trip thing. Thank you for sharing your story and I'm sorry this has happened. It is truly unacceptable.