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ideas for RN activism & volunteering?

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I'm an ED RN in the New England area. Over the past year, and now certainly after the events of the past week unfolded, I've become more and more interested in leading a more courageous life in advocacy, activism, and service. FWIW, the community hospital I work at is not unionized.

I'm in my 30s, but I've only been a nurse for 2.5 years. Aside from continuing to do my job to the best of my ability (including, obviously, being a good pt advocate and standing up to bigotry at work), I'm at a loss re: where to start.

So I'm asking you:

Where do you volunteer in your community?

How do you organize?

How are you planning to support marginalized communities as our healthcare system faces a very uncertain future?

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herring_RN, ASN, BSN

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There are many opportunities for a nurse to do good as a volunteer.

Remote Area Medical (RAM) is a great organization providing health and dental care to people in the United States and other countries too.

I've volunteered with them several times when they came to my city.

Generally the first day licensed nurses do the intake the first day. For people wanting dental care the nurse helps determine whether the person is healthy enough to have dental work done. RNs are encouraged to teach in the short time allotted.

I have seen more people with a toothache in one morning at RAM than in my entire previous life.

We discover untreated diabetes, hypertension, and other illness. A nurse can do a lot of good.

Here is their site: Home - Remote Area Medical


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Thanks! It doesn't look like they're hosting events up here anytime soon, but I'll keep my ears peeled. This week, I'm looking into volunteering at my local free clinic and Planned Parenthood.

Good for you! I really admire your drive, courage, and care!

With a full-time job and being a grad student to boot, I don't have enough time right now, unfortunately, to be actively involved in volunteering or activism. The only way that I can contribute at the moment is monetarily to organizations that matter most to me. So many things matter to me, but I have to pick my battles. Otherwise, I'd be donating to a bazillion organizations and not have any money for myself. Maybe one day I could do that when I miraculously earn a gazillion dollars and I'm independently wealthy! ;-)

Buyer beware, BSN

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There is a "million woman march" being planned for January.

Nursing should be represented.

It's a sin how the for-profit mess targets Nursing.

With Trump's history of the con, this "industry" must be called out for what it is:

An excuse to push expensive loans on people blinded by a desire to succeed in life.

The for-profits like South University and University of Phoenix destroyed a great opportunity to do right through their short sighted greed.

Now it's time they paid the piper right next to the hoards of financially ruined former students.

See you in Washington.

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chwcbesteph, RN

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Your state should have their own nurses' association that lobbies on issues in the state legislature. This is a GREAT way to get involved on issues that actually affect your local communities and use your leverage as a nurse with your lawmakers.


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