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How smoothly does your facility run? How many CNA's do you need per shift and how many residents are there?

How is the staffing set up? Do your CNA's work their own hall or do they all do the whole facility as a team. Any input would be appriciated. There is a meeting I must attend soon and I want to have some good ideas for staffing.:roll :roll :roll :roll :roll

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Ours is set up one CNA to 20 residents which is alot but pretty normal.

Let me know how your meeting goes. I am new to our facility and want to get on their QI committee.


We have 6 CNAs on the 2-10 pm shift, 3 halls. So it works out to about 12 res. each.


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State of Ohio says 1 Cna to 15 residents


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I run 1:10 on 7-3, 1:12 on 3-11, and 1:15 on 11-7. I have 5 units full bed census of 160....with usual inhouse census of 155. 3 Units on the 2nd floor, 2 units on the 1st floor. I run 5 charge nurses on 7-3/3-11 and 4 on 11-7.

But those numbers are misleading also. Each unit is a unique I staff according to acuity. One unit downstairs has 39 resident...more that unit on 7-3 is 1:13. So on the tougher units I can staff 1:7 or 8.

Part of managing is nothing is ever in stone and be ready to make a change when thing about this business of LTC..things can change rapidly and usually do. For example we look at falls daily for any patterns, skin excoriations or new agitated admit that wants to elope for example, can throw a unit into a tailspin.


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We have 100 residents-days and afternoons usually has eight (but runs ok with six), midnights has six. We also have an adjacent assisted living, which has one-but on midnights we frequently have to have floor staff run through it hourly and answer call lights when they go off.

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