Ideas for getting out of bed side?

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Hello, friends. I am going on my second year of bedside and I'm already thinking I don't wanna do this long term. I have a BSN and two years is my full experience - one in medsurge and now in women's services. Is there any other job I can do what I can make the same pay as bedside and not have to work doing bedside? to be honest, I've encountered so much toxicity in the way that the doctors treat the nursing staff and in the way that the nurses treat each other that I can't imagine doing this for too much longer for my mental health. I'm always nice and thoughtful and I end up getting yelled at and treated with condescension daily. I just don't understand that behavior? It's not the patients at all. The patients are lovely. It's the toxicity of both hospitals that I've worked at.  I can't imagine how people do this for 30 to 40 years. Any ideas of what else I could do and make the same kind of money? Thank you so much for your excellent advice and for taking the time to respond! ❤️

These are some areas that may have the pay and work you want. 

  • Legal Nurse Consultant 
  • Nurse Writer
  • Public Health
  • Medical Sales 

That's horrible, I'm sorry to hear this. It's already hard enough being bedside and taking care of others-- don't know why our colleagues treat us the way they do (negatively) sometimes. Before you switch out of bedside, is it possible for you to try a different type of specialty? My background is in cardiology and I've found that most doctors and nurses in this specialty respect one another. You have some bad eggs here and there, but there are very few. If not, try ambulatory setting or consider what the other post wrote above. Good luck to you! 

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