GPA for BSU's nursing program?

  1. I heard that Boise State's nursing program is very competitive and hard to get in. Does anyone know what a good gpa would be to get into the program? Thank You.
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  3. by   IrishMama
    This message board in ID isn't very active, but I want to get in on this thread in case more people have input. I spoke with an advisor a few months ago and was very curious about GPA as well since programs in my home state are exceptionally competitive. I was a little surprised to hear that they only base your application GPA on A&P 1-2, Chem and Math. You need at least a cum of 3.0 in all these courses, but none can have a grade lower than a C. She basically said they start with the 4.0s and go down from there until the class is full. I know there are probably a few other components they look at, but that is pretty much how it was broken down for me. She said some of the recent class averages were around a 3.5. I'm sure things are getting more competitive and I know for next year they are adding an essay component to the application. As of last fall, she said they had ~100 applicants and accept ~70 (these numbers could change).

    Good luck and post on this thread if you hear different or get more info. I'm applying in the fall for next spring's cohort.
  4. by   MonkeyLPN
    The lowest GPA I have heard about getting in is a 3.4, but that is the exception. You need at least a 3.7 to be competitive. There are people taking classes three times to get better grades. Which I think is ridiculous, they should move on at a certain point.
  5. by   NewSN13
    Yay that people are posting here, first of all!

    Second, all of what IrishMama said was spot on as far as the application process. GPA in the classes listed is the ONLY thing they've been considering. For the fall 2011 cohort, the cutoff was around a 3.5 with at least a couple of students in the 3.4 range being accepted after initially being waitlisted.

    Going forward, they are going to consider the essay that has been in the pilot stages (encouraged but not required) the past few semesters. It asks about previous experience, motivation for going into nursing, things of that nature.

    I'm more than happy to share any of my experiences with pre-reqs and the application process!
  6. by   IrishMama
    NewSN13, I have a bunch of questions, so I'll PM you and post questions in a new thread as to not hijack the OP's question. It would be great if the Idaho boards were more active.
  7. by   which_path
    Oh my goodness there are others on here from Idaho!?! Yippie
  8. by   fullforce
    I am working on applying to the BSU Bachelor of Nursing program for Feb 2015. Are there more details on the application process that you can share? I have not read on the website that an essay is required...has this changed? I know this post is a few years old, but I appreciate any information!

  9. by   FutureNurse208
    Fullforce, for a few semesters, they were doing essays and even an interview I think one year. They got rid of that though. They were thinking about changing it again but opted against it. So, for admittance it is based strickly on GPA in the 2 anatomy classes, the chemistry class and statistics. You need to have a minimum of no C's in those with a GPA min of 3.0, but that will not make you competitive at all. From what I know a 3.7 or higher is still what makes you pretty competitive. You then need a minimum of 2.0 for the other required classes. Another student asked the nursing adviser what happens if students lets say 58-62 all have the same GPA (since they only admit 60) they advised us that they would put those people in a hat and draw a name to see who is admitted. I hope this helps some.
  10. by   hopefulkim99
    Anyone hanging around here know of any of the least competitive schools in IDAHO for nursing programs?

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