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Hi! My DH and I are considering a move to the Boise area for my DH's job. I'm an ER nurse and very much want to stay in ED nursing. Can anyone tell me about salaries (here in Chicago I'm close to... Read More

  1. by   scrmblr
    Quote from twigloo
    I too am looking at Idaho. I was there a couple of years ago and loved it. I am from Canada and will be graduating in the spring. I want to go to a hospital that provides good training for new nurses. Any suggestions?
    Well, I think I am pretty partial But I sure have had a good run with Mercy in Nampa. They gave me 12 weeks of orientation in the ER. I was also given the chance to get ACLS and PALS within 3 months of employment (payed for by the hospital) I just finished a payed telemetry/cardiac class (8weeks) I am also getting ready to get my TNCC (also payed by Mercy)

    They have a new program right now. It is called an "externship" new grad nurses spend 8 weeks on medsurg (with a preceptor) 4 weeks on Ped's (with a preceptor) they spend 6 weeks in ICU/Stepdown and then they come to the ER for some more orientation with a preceptor.

    I have had a wonderful time in my little hospital. My husband worked at Lukes for a few years and had a good experience. My personal experience with the bigger hospitals was that they weren't as interested in new grad's.
  2. by   CoryRN
    We have too many people moving to Boise, please stay away!! We like people to like Boise but we don't need anymore people moving here!!

    Okay, if you must move here, St. Lukes and St. Als are both very good hospitals. The nurses I know make in the 20s/hr. It is true, Mercy doesn't have the best reputation, but the clinical time I did there almost 10 years ago was fine. I am an NP and I do send some of my patients to specialists who work out of Mercy. No complaints so far.

    As far as places to live, those of us who live in the Boise area are led to believe that Caldwell is a pretty rough place to live. Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Star, Kuna.... all very nice overall. Low crime, good quality of life. Prices are going up however, thanks to all of the folks moving here!

    Hope this helps.

  3. by   ohhshen
    Wow, that all sounds a bit scary, especially if your not Caucasion. Do other people feel this way too? I am checking out Boise as a possible re-location spot in my nursing career but if I will be treated poorly based on my race (especially my two daughters) I think I've got my mind made up already.
  4. by   CoryRN
    Quote from ohhshen
    Wow, that all sounds a bit scary, especially if your not Caucasion. Do other people feel this way too? I am checking out Boise as a possible re-location spot in my nursing career but if I will be treated poorly based on my race (especially my two daughters) I think I've got my mind made up already.
    I hope you didn't take me too seriously when I said stay away. My comments were more directed at cost of living increases related to real estate price increases from the influx of people from more expensive markets. It has affected our home prices. We are still fairly affordable, so if you are going to come, sooner is probably better than later.
    Also, Eastern Idaho and Boise are very different places. The Rush Limbaugh Mormon comments may be true for Eastern Idaho, but they certainly do not apply to those of us who live in Boise. We are not especially diverse in Boise, and yes, there are still a lot of Mormons. But there are a lot of Catholics, Baptists, Athiests, etc, etc, etc. Secondly, there are people of color here and they are treated very well. There is definitely not the underlying racist tensions that exist in some southern states. I have lived in those states and have seen it first hand. Consider Boise for what we have to offer. There are both city things and outdoors things to do. We need good healthcare providers, come for a visit. email me if you would like and I will give you any information you may want. I think if you can see Boise, you would love it! But keep it kind of quiet, we are still a bit of a secret nationally.

  5. by   scrmblr
    Don't be afraid to move to ID because of race issues! or religion issues. I think for a small state it has some nice diversity. We do have some "rednecks" and some mormons...We also have some wonderful cultural diversity with our basque population and hispanic communities.

    feel free to email me with any questions you may have!
  6. by   superschoolnurse
    I moved to Idaho a little over 3 years ago and I love it here. There are areas around the big towns where you can buy some acreage but the towns themselves are not able to accomodate that. This is high desert so few trees; Boise calls itself the City of Trees but I am used to California where there are trees everywhere so I think it is funny due to it's lack of trees. We have four true seasons but the winters are not tough especially if you are used to Chicago. I am a school nurse so I do not know much about the hospital wages but I think they aren't bad for Idaho. I think the public schools are pretty good. Working in the system I can tell you that each building will be somewhat different because the administrator is key to a great school. I live and work in Nampa and I think we really do a great job. I love how many elementaries we have (California won't build a new school no matter how crowded they are) and secondary schools. If you come out for a look around and want to talk to anyone just email or PM me . Hope this helps.:wink2:
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  7. by   hipab4hands
    How do you like the Nampa area.
    I was advised today that I will probably be out of job as of the first of the year. Due to the high cost of living in California, I'll not be able to remain here and will need to move out of state.
    I've been checking the real estate section for your city and the housing is really affordable.
    Any particular neighboorhoods that you would recommend to look at or to avoid. I'm hoping to come out to the area after the first of the year.
  8. by   superschoolnurse
    I really like Nampa and Idaho in general. It is definitely cheaper to live here than California. My husband hurt his back four years ago in Ca and we couldn't live on one salary so I got on the net and couldn't believe how nice this place sounded and how cheap it was My dad and I came up 2 weeks later and we moved up 2 weeks after that. There are some gang issues in part of Nampa and in Caldwell which is only a few miles from here. My life has never been impacted by it and I think the areas where they have the trouble are not areas you would move to. Any of the North streets should be avoided (not that many actually) just to be safe but like I said I have never been impacted by this. I go out to dinner here, go to bars here (some weird ones I might add) to watch my husband's band, I have been over to friends' houses at night and some of them live in the old neighborhoods and they love it. I absolutely love the mall in Boise. It is clean and free from scary weirdos, my dad and I both noticed it when we came to visit and I still feel that way. I let my children play out front and we never did that in Ca. My husband has had 2 surgeries since we moved here and I have been very impressed with St. Luke's and was fairly happy with his care at St. Al's. If you are going to live in any area of Idaho I would guess that this area has the most medical and nursing expertise and accordingly the most to offer in terms of jobs. On of our Boise hospitals is used for several states when they have major trauma. If you have specific nursing questions let me know; all of my colleagues worked in this area in "regular" nursing fields and they know the landscape and the people well so I ask them questions all the time. I have a good friend who is a good person and is very trust worthy if you want someone to show you the real estate market. Let me know if you want her number. Hope this helps.
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  10. by   Seamstressnurse
    Quote from Panka
    I live in Caldwell, about 25 miles from Boise, and about 11 miles from Nampa. There is a lot of wide open space here still and lately horse raising has really caught on. We have a beautiful state. We are currently looking for LPN's and RN's at our building...Panka
    I just was informed today that my triage job in a 5 doctor OB/Gyn office is being dissolved. I was working one day per week and the other triage nurse was working 4 days per week. I am looking for a 1-2 days per week job preferrably in the ob/gyn area. However, I would be open to anything if it would be 1-2 days per week or prn work that would be 1 day per week. I was wondering what you know of in your building. I live in Nampa and have a BSN in nursing. My daughter and her 3 children are moving back to the area after 14 years, so a 1 day per week job would be ideal. Thanks for your help.
  11. by   Otessa
    We have lived in the Boise-area since 1997. We love it here. The home prices are increasing but if you compare them to the east or west coast they are CHEAP.

    I am an RN -plan on staying for the duration!!
  12. by   futuregaspasser
    Wow! Glad I happend upon this thread. I am going to Boise in two weeks to check things out. We won't be able to move until Dec. though, as that is when DH graduates from nursing school. By the sounds of it, this is the right place for us. A lot of nursing job opportunities (I am a NICU RN and he is interested in Psych). Also cost of homes is a LOT better than where I am.

    What do wages range? Are there any sign on bonuses currently? I was told St. Lukes was offering $!0,000 and relocation in 2002.
  13. by   Otessa
    St. Al's and St. Luke's offered a substantial sign -on in 2002.

    I don't believe that program is still in effect although there might be a smaller package now.

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