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Hi! My DH and I are considering a move to the Boise area for my DH's job.

I'm an ER nurse and very much want to stay in ED nursing. Can anyone tell me about salaries (here in Chicago I'm close to $23.00/hour before differentials, w/one year under my belt as an RN).

I'd also like to know about nice places to live. We'd like to have a fairly nice house, 3-4 bedrooms on some acreage if possible, or be close enough to an area where I could keep a horse. Any areas to steer clear of?

How are the schools there? Is public school OK or do we have to think about private schools, depending, of course, on where we live.

Thanks -- appreciate the input!

Too many people have moved to this state totally overwhelming the infrastructure and especially the emergency care system and ER managers and ssenior management could care less how miserable their staff are.

Californians have pretty much destroyed this state.As a 5th generation Idahoan moderate in my political beliefs I have no problem with diversity and change but many of the Californians that move here bring a mindset that is very arrogant,pushy and unwanted.Our highways have been turned into road rage centers, our Idaho heritage has been stomped on by PETA loving animal rights wackjobs and although I adhere to some liberal beliefs they would want us to adhere to Hollywood political idealogy that is so far out in left field that it makes a reasonable person sick to their stomach.These two cultures collide in a big way.

Please no more Californian.We are full.

Hi blu223,

I am set to start a nursing program in the Fall and was wondering if you know if that's how the whole hospital is or just the ED? I know I still have a couple of years before I will be able to look for RN jobs.. Thanks!

Unfortunantely the whole hospital is that way.Senior management is more interested in lining their own pockets then the suffering of those under them.

Specializes in ER.

Hey how was your move, im also from chicago with a year of ER experience. Im moving to the southeast part of Idaho. Also how did you obtained your Idaho license.

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