ICUs at North Fulton vs. Northside Forsyth vs NS atlanta.


i have 3 years ICU experience in an 18 bed med/surg/neuro unit in a level II trauam center and am moving back home to north metro atlanta area. i am interviewing at Northside Forsyth, Northside Atlanta and North Fulton. anyone have any experience at these hospitals/units? thanks.


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North Futon has a bad reputation for nursing staff and patient ratios. I have coworkers who share horror stories. They have trouble keeping nurses and offer sign on bonuses. Any hospital that offers a bonus in this economy is one you should run from. They are owned by tenet, google them. Northside has a good reputation and good benefits. Commuting can be difficult, so I'd go with whichever ones is closest to where you live. Atlanta traffic is awful.


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I noticed it has been a while since you last asked your question. Have you finally moved and gotten settled with a job?


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Just wanted to give my perspective as a patient's family member...I had the opportunity to be with my father while he was in Northsie Forsyth' s ICY and it seemed like a great environment. Everyone pitched in to help each out. We were there through the recent snow/ice storm and they were under Code White. Despite having slept at hotels or in empty rooms, they had good attitudes about the circumstances. I'm a pre-nursing student and have an interest in the ICU so it was educational for me to be staying there through the nights and days. I got a feel for the rhythm of the floor from shift to shift. I'd work there if I ever was fortunate enough for the chance. Best of luck in your decision!


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I actually have not moved yet. I started to apply to those three hospitals then we had some family issues come up that prevented the move, so I'm on the look again. I actually just posted another thread about hospitals in atlanta. After thinking about it the past several months, I decided I want to be in a larger hospital than north fulton and northside Forsyth...northside atlanta may still be an option. I've also been told to look into piedmont, Emory, kennestone (sp?). Is like to keep the hospitals in the north side of downtown.