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ICU Gtt Cheat Sheet Wanted!


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Hello all!

I'm a few months new to the SICU and was wondering if anyone had a "cheat sheet" for drips in the ICU? Like usual starting dose, rules of titration, cautions, etc?

Thanks in advance for the replies!


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your charge should have this information foe you, just ask, even hospital policy for titration of meds with MAX doses, et


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all of that is on our 'vasoactive medication' order sets, so unless the doc orders otherwise, we go by what is on the order set.

and then I go and make a drip table on the computer, and print it out.

of course...I know how to titrate with pen & paper too, but I trust the drip table more.

and as far as for cautions...look that up in your drug guide when you hang a new drug.

and don't forget compatibility.

and know that some drugs don't work so well in with an acidotic pH eg. levophed. and patients needing levo are often acidotic, so pH oftentimes needs to be simultaneously addressed...