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Hi! I'm an LVn (LPN) in CA wanting to do a bridge program to RN this year! Any California students or recently licensed in CA? I know the CA board has become strict with operation nightingale in Florida right now. I heard all FL to CA RN endorsement licenses are on hold?

Anyone have insight?


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who did you hear that from. I am in the program now and havent heard anything like that.


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Is any one applying for their Oct 2023 start date. Does anyone know if it's full yet? I'm going to apply Monday (it's Saturday night), pending an admission rep gets back with me. My co-worker went here and passed her NCLEX and said the program did her well! I have all my pre-reqs done. Is anyone in the LA area?


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Just wondering did your friend get her license endorsed from Ca yet or have any issues ?.... I am thinking of starting the next cohort in Jan, but am finishing up a couple classes through straighterline. 

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