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2013 ICD-9 CM and CPT coding books


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I am currently waiting for acceptance into a nursing program and I have really wanted to get my coding certification prior to nursing school to open up opportunities down the road.

Anyhow, I am currently enrolled in a coding course, but I need the ICD-9 CM and CPT code books which are not included and they are pretty pricey to purchase. Does anyone have any suggestions on where I can borrow these books from in Orange County, CA? I have tried local cc libraries, but they only have outdated versions for reference and I need the recent code books.

Thank you!!

You can look online for some used books. I got mine at half.com or you could always rent the books for the term. Make sure you have the ISBN number.

The 2012 books are available for big discount on Amazon now that the 2013 ones are coming out. Also ask your teacher if it would be OK to use the last year's books fr purposes of the course.

I am also looking at a catalog from AAPC (Medical Coding Books - AAPC Code Books) that will bundle the ICD-9 1 & 2 plus the CPT and HCPCS level II for only $160-- well worth the price. I also joined AAPC not because I'm a pro coder but because my (specialized) work often wants me to know codes so I can price things out, and I can hop on their online discussion lists and ask.

I'm curious as to why you think knowing coding will be a big advantage to you as a nurse. What do you envision? Coding is usually a job where nursing experience may be helpful, but it certainly isn't required to be an excellent coder.


Has 10 years experience.

Thank you for the suggestion. I did see the bundled price on AAPC as well as an option. Well, I eventually would like to get my DNP, but I am just keeping my options open for opportunities in clinical auditing or even working for insurance companies, etc. I have spoken with some of the chapter leaders in my area with AHIMA and AAPC and they have said if you have coding certification and an RN "you'll be golden" because there are so many coders who do not have the clinical experience that nurses do. I am not looking to make a career out of coding, just add more expertise and certification that will be beneficial down the road.