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Hi all, I don't know whether I should put this here or in GI. If you think it needs to go in GI, let me know.

My 9 year old son was dx with IBS yesterday. My problem is, I don't seem to be able to get anyone to do anything about his pain. He has been in CONSTANT pain for two months now. It gets worse at certain times (night, morning, eating, pooping, even moving sometimes). When he sees the docs during the day, he isn't as bad. They aren't up with him until 11 every night because he can't sleep. He isn't in school, maybe a half a day if at all. Bentyl hasn't worked, I got Levsin yesterday, but that hasn't done a damn thing either.

I am at my wit's end. Does anyone have any ideas/suggestions that I can put to the docs? I want our lives back to normal and my son is starting to get depressed....




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Did you try TCM? I know a few patients, who really benefitted with that.

Not just acupuncture, but also hot and cold food and stuff like that.

I am sure there are websites to help you on.

Take care, Renee


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I'm really not sure about the answer. I copied your thread onto GI, so it's both here and there . Maybe someone over there who has more direct GI experience can help you. Most of my experience is surgical GI, but I feel there has to be something that can be done for his pain. Have you tried taking him to the ER, at night, when the pain is so high? Sometimes it takes someone else documenting pain, not just Mom's, to get the docs to see the whole picture. Because there is a personality trait that goes along with IBS, the docs usually tend to think the mom is over anxious. Get another doc if you have to. Just don't dare let your child continue to suffer!!!!



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Thanks for moving the post, Tracy. I have had him seen by a pediatric GI guy and both he and my pediatrician feel that some counseling is in order. That is fine with me, as well. I thought the levsin helped a little this morning, but he is complaining of increased pain right now. Both doctors know about his pain. I have spoken with them both and they both know my concern. I don't know what else to do. I do believe that they feel I am overreacting. I may try the ER thing. He is scheduled for an abd. CT next week. It's going to be fun trying to get the contrast down him....

I am tearing my hair out.



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I have thought about another doc, but truly, this guy is the best in the area!!!!


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That sounds like more than just IBS to me. It isn't usually associated w/severe, constant pain like what you're describing.

I don't know, if it doesn't improve, I would see someone else. Something doesn't sound right w/that dx, in my opinion.

Good luck, I wish I had better advice to offer. It's so terrible when you're kids are in pain.




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Thanks, Amy. I have been seriously considering another doc, I just don't know what to do. Last night was bad again. I have to work tonight and it makes me sick to think about leaving him here, even though his father is here and will do just fine. I'm going to call again today, I think...



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CT scan sounds good!

I've got IBS. About 9 years ago was when it really was bad. Now, that I look back there was inklings of symptoms as a child - whenever I had something "big" such as prom, a trip, etc. I would have to take Pepto Bismo and not eat anything to make it through it.

Anyways, I was in such severe pain about 9 years ago, I was curled up on the floor and my husband had to come home and take me into ER. They gave me some sort of drink that included some sort of med. that is usually used for seizures (for the life of me I can't remember it) that helped a lot. I took Bentyl & Levsin too for a while (I didn't like the way they made me feel (like a noodle) and also they made me retain gas which made the pain more severe- saw a social worker too (my insurance didn't cover a psychologist or psychiatrist at this point). At this point I was having panic attacks from the anxiety of pending IBS symptoms so I needed help! I'm doing much better now by simply watching my diet, keeping control of my anxiety with techniques I was taught, EXERCISE, and 2 immodium every day. So, I can see having severe pain - it was incompacitating to me at times: I'd be diaphoretic and feel like passing out it was so severe at times......BUT

You definately have to rule out everything else! CT scan is good - checking for food allergies is another. If you haven't already keep a good journal of I/O (particulars such as what, when).

I'll be thinking about your son!


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Hi Laura,

I've been reading your posts hope your son feels better.

here's my 2 cents.

FMLA- Family Medical Leave Act. Don't be afraid to use it. Remember your family comes first.

When I first became a nurse, I think it awas like 8 months and I got pregnant and was working nights. We were so short staffed we didn't have a nurse manager. Well I got hyperemesis. 6 weeks of throwing up. nothing stayed down, plus lowsy doctors that didn't believe in rehydrating. I tried to go to work because I knew they desperately needed me. I should have taken at least a 2 week leave. I had a lot of call outs of course. Well we had a new nurse manager by the time I made it to 5 months, she was about to fire me for calling out so much! Thanks for nothing bytch!

I sounds like it has been stressful where you are at. Is your nurse manager supportive of you. I'm sure you have had call outs with his new illness. I say get a second opinion. Possibly a allergy doctor too. Could it be a wheat allergy?

Sorry for going on and on.

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