I want to take NCLEX...but how?

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Hi, fellow nurses! I wish you could help me out...

I'm kinda lost right now. I want to take the NCLEX... Can you share how you applied for your NCLEX California (step by step, if possible..)? I was planning to apply through NEAC (an agency that can process NCLEX applications) but I think it's more expensive if I let them handle it...I want to keep the expenses to a minimum..what do you think?

By the way I have already requested some forms from my school and it is sealed in an envelope addressed to Board of RN in Sacramento, California. That's all I have. What should I do?

I also don't have a credit card of my own.

Sorry if it seems like I'm dumb. I just really don't know what to do and I wish fellow RNs could help me.

Thank you and God bless!!!

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Remember you are not applying for NCLEX but to be a licensed RN in the US of which NCLEX is a part of that process

We do not recommend that you apply to Ca due to retrogression and the fact that Ca will destroy your file once you have passed NCLEX after 3 years unless you either apply for an extension and it is granted to you or you provide them with a SSN which you will not get until in the US and can prove you have a valid work/immigrant visa.

If you still continue with a just follow the instructions on the BRN website and you can pay with a Bankers draft made out to US$

Hi love_RN

You can print out the checklist in the CA BRN site so that you wont miss anything in your application and be guided accordingly.

If your Transcript is ready, you can mail that now,(When i applied in CA BRN, I sent it thru register mail or if you have an extra budget you can opt to send it thru DHL/FEDEX).

Accomplished all other requirements, like the Registration verification of your NLE,(takes about a week).

If you have already requested for fingerprint card (www.rn.ca.gov), you can accomplished that at NBI Carriedo.

Then, after you're done with that, fill out the application form (obtained a copy from their site). This one plus your photos,bank draft payment (if you have an existing account in Metrobank,BPI or other bank,they issue the bank draft,just tell ém that it is an application for NCLEX) and the accomplished finger print card..I might missed other requirements so please have that checklist with you. You can send it thru DHL or FEDEX in one envelope.

hope this helps..

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