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Its 2wks before my exam and i am starting to freak out.. I am going over hurst review for the second time and i'm kinda ready. somedays i want to take the exam and get it over with because i feel ready and other days i'm on pearson website looking for alternative days to take it. i know i will never feel truly ready but any words of encouragement will be appreciated.

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I know the feeling. Everytime I finish reviewing Hurst I feel like I'm ready. But most of the time I'm doubting myself given the fact I graduated 6 years ago. :smackingf I just pray hard that everything's going to be okay. And this too shall PASS...


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I know how you feel, scheduled my exam for about four weeks after I graduated, hoping that if I had passed already it would help with my job search. I was terrified, and walking into the office was a little intimidating. It didn't help that I was having allergy problems that day and couldn't even take in tissues. After having each palm scanned multiple times, as well as fingerprinted and locking all of my stuff in the provided locker, you met with someone else who sat you down at your desk and explained everything to you. I was so scared, but I had done so many practice exams, once the noise blocking headphones were on, it felt like I was doing practice tests again. Keep studying, make sure to ready the rationale when the question is answered, whether you go it right or wrong so that you fully understand why they consider that one answer correct. Know that how you feel right now is normal for anyone who has taken the nclex. I know its hard for those around you to understand unless you are surrounded by fellow potential RNs, but it really is normal. Make sure to take some time the day before to relax, watch your favorite show, go out for dessert with your best friend, do something to get your mind off the nclex before the next day. Good luck!!

You guys are soo right! I love the fact that someone gets it. I have been taking hurst and feel like i know the content and with kaplan my scores are ok so far but there is that feeling you get once in a while that what if something goes wrong.

Thank you all for the words of encouragement.