I want to cry - new grad



i am a new grad RN. I am in my third week of orientation and am so stressed out !!!!

i don't know whether or not this is how all hospitals do their orientation or not ???

im working on a telemetry floor. On my second day of orientation, my preceptor gave me two patients of my own. She only shows me how to do something one time and the next time sends me in by myself to do it. She doesn't even come observe me to see if I am doing it correctly or not.

Im so stressed out. So far I'm doing somewhat okay. She got mad at me yesterday because I didn't have time to take my lunch break till five pm. She said I have poor time management if I was not able to take a lunch break until five. I'm really really really sad. I had a discharge and a patient with a low potassium level that had her meds changed three times soo I was very busy and didn't have time to take a lunch break. Plus on the floor that I work in there are so many call lights we have to answer for any patient and that took up a lot of my time too.

then I am already busy and trying to do my shift report and give meds and the secretary from another floor comes and my charge nurse asks if I can take her blood pressure because she's concerned about it. I don't mind taking someone's blood pressure but not when I'm extremely busy.

I just don't know how to get through this. 😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😭😭😭😭😭😧😧😧😧


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In a year or two you will look back on this and smirk. This is all part of learning how to be a floor nurse. Just keep on truckin


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Hold your head up. It's crazy at first, it gets better. Everyone has struggles with time management in the beginning. Maybe ask your preceptor how she organizes her day. And ask other nurses on your floor, then find what works for you. I remember feeling very overwhelmed the first few wks, but keep at it and it gets better. What really helped me is approaching work with the attitude of what can I learn today instead of being worried about all the possibilities of what could go wrong, or where I was struggling. I'm 9 months in and sometimes I don't get my breaks at all, some pt loads are heavier than others. Do your best to make time to use the bathroom and stay hydrated. Everything will get easier!


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It is totally inappropriate for a new grad RN to be given patients to care for on her own the second day of orientation. That preceptor is not doing their job and is putting you, the patient, the hospital and herself at risk. The preceptor is there to help you become a competent and safe nurse. How in the world is this supposed to happen when she is not at your side making sure you're not about to do something/miss something that compromises the patient? I would have talked with the preceptor about their expectations at the beginning of orientation especially when they expected you to take pts on your own 2 days in. You say it's been 3 weeks on orientation. I hope things have gotten better.

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During the first few months at my job, I thought I would lose my mind. There was so much work and no explanations. I was in a steady state of panic. My preceptor would say I need to work on my time management. What does that mean, exactly? I was working as fast I could, trying to anticipate things, etc. I was working through breaks, charting on my lunch, etc., all those things you are not supposed to do but the other orientees were doing it.

And then, at some point, during my third or fourth month, everything was fine. I could put my feet up and take a break. Eat my lunch in peace. Other nurses commented that I wasn't rushing around anymore. I thought I was gradually getting easier patients or something but I started counting my tasks and, nope, pretty much the same as before.

I hate to be so vague but hang in there and you will find your rhythm. The nurses who came before you did not have special skills. They did it and you will, too.

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You are a new grad; of course your time management is poor. So, to your genius preceptor: "No ****."

After your shifts, think for 15 minutes on how you could have improved your delegation, prioritization, and clustering. Then , the next shift, put those new plans into place. Baby steps!

Also, your charge asking you to take the BP of another unit's secretary was ridiculous. She could have done it herself. You were targeted as the newbie on which all ****-jobs fall.

Good luck!