I have to vent about my application


So, I applied on Oct 1 for Sept 2010. Didn't expect to hear anything for awhile.

Today is the first day to apply for Jan 2011. I checked the status of my application around 9, and nothing had changed, so, since the application date can be important, I applied for Jan 2011. Paid the $70 application fee.

I went back online around 11 to check and see if the marks were posted for my first Physiology test (yeah, an A-). I figured I would see if the new application was showing up yet. It wasn't, but there was a change to my Sept 2010 application status. It now said "Lacks Early Acceptance". Without boring you will all the details of what the admission requirements are, let's just say that I DO meet the requirements for admission no matter which way they choose to process my application (based on high school marks, as a mature applicant, or based on GPA).

Someone messed up and marked my GPA as 2.88, when it is actually 3.88 (which is well above the competitive average). HUGE difference, wouldn't you say?

I've called the school and am hoping that this can get straightened out ASAP and that there are still seats available.

I am so frustrated right now!


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I would definitely stay on them regarding this. Go up there if you have to!


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I am in the bsc progrm at gmac right now , and im hoping to transfer into the bscn program but im finding i am running into the same problems as you had previously, and i see future problems coming ahead as i read your postings.

I have taken a total of 15 credits, and in the fall i will be taking another 9 credits, I applied for Jan2012 intake, but since my highschool marks were 73%avg for 5 courses, i was hoping to get in with my previous 24 post secondary credits.

I have a feeling my marks for the previous 24 credits will not be in by Dec.15/2011 so I will probably not be accepted into the winter term so i will have to reapply for sept2012.

will i run into the same problem as you did if i take more courses in the 2011-2012 year coming up if i dont get in for winter2012?(meaning will they be looking at the 32 credits i have attained after next year? or just the 24credits?)

also, they say if you apply once for winter and apply again for fall for better chances to get in, then your application for the winter will be terminated since you applied for both terms, did you encounter this problem ???


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SurroDoula..how do you check the process of your app?...i would like to see if my schools site has that option..



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I would be furious if that happened to me!!! I wouldn't leave it up to a phone call..... get any proof you have of your GPA and go to the school! I would stand in the office until someone assured me the problem was fixed RIGHT THEN - and show me it is fixed. A huge typo like that is unacceptable and the school needs to make it right. The only person who has a vested interest in you getting into nursing school is you.... phone calls are good, but as soon as you hang up - they might "forget". They can't "forget" about you if you are standing in the office politely, yet firmly, insisting they correct the problem on the spot.

lots of luck