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I took my NCLEX this morning, I need help...!!!

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hi guys, i took my nclex this morning oh i feel bad, very depress because i don't know if i passed or not i tried the pearson vue, and i couldn't enter since i studied abroad i can not enter to check my results, it ask me about my country that i studied i put it and then i didn't appear the school that i studied... i got 75 questions, i got 23 sata questions, ohhh i feel but just thinking about it, a lot of prioritization, a picture of a wound many medications... i don't know if that means that i failed can you imagine guys a lot of sata i never beleave that i will got so many of those qxs., i feel i failed... any suggestion how long i should wait for the results???, any broad student... ohhh please i need help...

If it helps, alot of people got lots of SATA and prioritization and felt that the exam was hard ot left the testing center feeling that they failed did pass.

Goodluck and keep us updated!

i pass, i pass, yeee!!!... i did the pearson vue and got the bless pop up... but as always i was negative so i paid 8 dollars and it said i pass... yeee. i want to say thanks this webpage i found good information and advices that helps me a lot... all the support that i received from you guy so thank you, thank you, thank you, god bless all of you and help you guys as he help me to pass the test, remember nothing is impossible we can do it...

in the exam i got 75 questions, most of them sata:uhoh3: more than twenty, many prioritization, pharmacology, i think it was a mix of everything so you need to study really hard, it is not an easy test. i studied before work very early in the morning one hour every day m-f, then at work always read something, lab values, and my notes, and when i got home i studied at least 3-4 hours more, every weekend at library, i did that for almost four months..., and for me it works i pass at the 1st time... i can't believe yet.

i studied from la charity book(delegation questions, help me a lot), sanders, and kaplan(qb, videos, and pharmacology0, lippincott more questions and rationals...

thanks again everybody from this webpage... i am an rn.. what's next...???

trust in god he will give you the key to do everything right...:hrnsmlys:


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Congrats !!! Thanks for the study tips !!!