I think this is my new home!


I've just started a position on a postpartum unit so I'm assuming this is the right forum!

I am a new grad and spent a short time in NICU before desiring a change. I did enjoy the NICU but it was a bit too acute for me straight out of school. I'm looking forward to learning much and contributing here!

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Welcome, cherokeesummer. We are glad to have you here.

I know I have learned a lot in my short time here at allnurses.com, and hope you will too. :welcome:

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Thank you guys! I appreciate it. I'm really looking forward to this step in my career and life. I hope to further my education later on down the line as well.


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Welcome, welcome!!!! So glad to have you on board. Ask anything, or share your experiences. Glad you joined us.

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