I think I passed?

Nursing Students NCLEX


Do you think guys I passed? I took nclex rn this morning, took me one hour, 75 questions and then boom it shuts down, .. It shuts down when my ass is not sitting on that chair for a long time, .. Idk.. after the survey, All i've whispered into myself was, wt?? idk.... i rly dont know.. how come it already shuts down..

I was bombarded with 40 SATAs, a couple of multiple choice and that's all ..

I didnt know if I failed or not, but I am just relax.. as if it's like, I feel like I am ready, ready to accept that if I failed i have to repeat it, and infact I already made backup plan, I said to myself, this time, I am going to order online reviews, like kaplan and hurst..

I reviewed for 3 mos, 3 mos for my toefl..(that's my english exam b/c I/m a foreign grad) and 3 mos reviewing saunders cover to cover, la charity, free nclex 3500, free nclex 4000, but I bought the Davis q&a,also infxn control is imprtant to rview. but everything is actually very basic, if u guys have a very good nursing foundation starting when you are in first year in your nursing school , its a piece of cake for you, but for mwe I am a nurse grad in my country last 2008, and then I moved here in U.S get married last yr and also had a baby last yr, then a week after giving birth I processed my english exam , submit my papers and my license from my country to the cgfns and waited for my att, .. It's been a long time since I touched nursing book .. about 3 yrs ago? but I would say saunders 5th ed helped me a lot to refresh my mind..

and I got a good pop oup, It says that I need to contact the bon b/c I already rapplied, is it a good sign that I passed??

I hope so, I would say prayer helped me a lot also, and If i really passed thanks also to this website, b/c everyday I was reviewing I also got so many tips here from those kind nurses , I almost lost my hope, but I did not give up.. wasnt easy for me to review b/c I have a baby that I need to take care of on my own.. but Thank God.. I wanna cry..

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