I test at 8:00 in the morning


It's too late to turn back now, and no matter how good I did in school, there's still that little voice in the back of my head, wondering if I should have postponed the test. The ATI predictor said I had a 99% chance of passing on the first time. Has it been wrong for anyone? BTW, I am taking the Nclex-PN, and I keep hearing that it's all pharmacology, no math, and a lot of select all that apply. I hate those. Please pray for me!!


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to be honest with you...the test might be hard but waiting for the results is even harder!!! my advice is not to think too much about the test afterwards (which i know is the hardest thing to do!) and just try to relax and do something fun! GOOD LUCK!!! :)

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Good luck on your Test


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As the test date gets closer we all second guess ourselves and begin to think that we are not ready. These are very natural feelings. Shake it off and remember you have prepared for several long years to be in this place. You are ready and you will do great. Remember to relax and repeat to yourself, I know this stuff. When you get to a difficult question take a deep breath and realize you probably actually know the answer. I am sure you will do great! Let us know..:icon_hug:

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My test will be at 8 am in September...I'm getting a hotel room near the testing center. It could take me over an hour to get there if there was a major accident. I will be driving roads known for their accidents. So hotel room for me so that I can get more sleep!

Good luck.

I too wonder how accurate the ATI is. On the first one I took I had a 98% chance of passing. On the second one I had a 94% chance of passing. The problem is that with the second one everyone but 2 people "failed" the test. My school considered anything below a 98% as a failure. So we think there was something wrong with the test. When we were doing the remediation nobody could score the 90% (not chance of passing but actual 90% correct on the test). I was scoring in the 70's which was higher then many in the class. So I have a hard time counting that one. Something was wrong...the instructors and students actually questioned whether the answer key was correct.


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Thanks for the encouragement. I tested today and left out of there so unsure. The screen was gray after question 85 and the test was over. My friend that tested with me had the same thing to happen for her. I am keeping the faith that it's a good sign.

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