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what should I start to get RN job

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hi everyone,

I live in California, have a CARN and BLS license. Before I get a Nursing License I thought that pass the ENCLEX was the hardest. But right now I think that find a job is the hardest. I was a nurse in another country for over 5 years and passed the NCLEX exam in a very first time I tried. I already applied for RN job with 2 hospitals but haven't gotten any respond yet :smackingf Now I'm feel really down. What wrong with me!! I love Nursing, I love to taking care of my patients but why nobody want to give me a chance I really want to go back to the work I love. Anyone can give me any advices I really appreciate it, what should I start, what I can do to be better. :uhoh3:


poor me

Not to sound rude or anything but please make sure someone proof reads your resume. Your English grammar is a big deciding factor for job placement. You're from another country so this is probably the reason for the errors so just get someone to look over your things for you. Good luck with your Job Search many of us know exactly how you feel.

California is particularly flooded with nurses right now from what I understand. Just keep applying, and good luck.

Sorry to break it to you, but right now in this economy, most people looking for work, no matter what career, are having to apply for WAY more than 2 jobs before they get an interview. You will need to do the same. Keep looking and apply for any/every job you can.


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thank you for all advices. Dear Gem0607 you right! I did make a lot of mistakes.:p may be in this period time I'm going to learn an English. thank you so much. have a good day

I had to move out of California to find a nursing job. It is really tough out there.


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Applying for 2 jobs isn't much at all. The job market is really tough right now..so you need to apply for 50 or more jobs...that's what I had to do. You may also have to consider looking out of state. And congrats on becoming a nurse in the USA. However, (no offense intended), you need to have someone who's fluent in English proofread your resumes if you haven't been doing so already. This will only increase your chances of landing a job. Nurse recruiters and all recruiters are very picky about which resumes they read and many will not even look at a resume if there are grammatical/language errors. So cheer up. It's tough for everyone. Best of luck.

P.S. You also need to get ACLS if you want a hospital job.


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I am a nurse manager in Texas and I wanted to offer a few pieces of advice along with the previous postings.

First, please take some time and re-evaluate your first impression, whch may very well be your resume. In that case it is worth your time and effort to create an excellent resume with the best phrases which will include proper English and grammer. Heed the advice of the previous posters for having a second pair of eyes proofread your resume.

On a personal note, if indeed your native language is something other than English, then I encourage you to invest extra time and energy into ESL classes to improve your communication to a more fluid and proper expression.

And don't give up. In these economic times, even nurses can't be too picky with their jobs. Just keep applying. You may have to compromise some of your preferences and possibly accept a lower pay, a longer commute, a different shift, and a different status. Getting your "foot in the door" is the best way to gain access to better opportuntites. Emphasize your willingness to be flexible, increase your availability, and re-assess the overall presentation of yourself as a reliable and hard working nurse. These are traits that go far.

Good luck.