I recently got accepted into Mercer's nursing school and I am anxious and need tips!

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Tips and advice are appreciated! I just got accepted into nursing school and will be starting in the fall! I am very nervous and any advice on the do's and don'ts would be great and any tips on how to study !!??


I've completed one year, and here's the best advice I can give:

  1. Observe: make sure that you observe your fellow students early on, and stay away from those that seem to live for the drama. Drama is certainly not something you need in NS.
  2. Get organized now. Anything you can do in your home, life, etc. to become more organized now will help you to be better prepared for school
  3. get a planner and USE IT FAITHFULLY! schedule everything including study time and STICK TO IT! You have to be disciplined
  4. When studying, I read & highlight the assignment first, then go back and make notes from the highlighted chapter, then (if time allows) I make flashcards from the notes and study that as well.
  5. Another thing I do when studying: when you have vocab that you need to remember, here's what I do: Use Word document, insert table with 2 columns, in column "A" type the vocab word, in column "B" type the definition, (do this for all words & make sure no "hanging definitions" half on one page and half on the other), print the document, then fold paper in half length-wise. You can review definitions then flip the page over to see if you have the answer right. This may seem juvenile, but it works well and is easy to do.

That's all I can think of for now. Best of luck!

thanks so much!!! I really appreciate it! and good luck to you!!!


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Hey if not a secret, can you please tell me your GPA at the time of acceptance and the TEAS scores. I also applied for fall 2011, but still havent heard from them. I am so nervous. I talked to the advisor, she knows me, and last time I emailed her, she replied and was a little rude. I am afraid that if she's the one making the decision I am screwed!!! I really want it Mercer is my dream school.


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I have applied for fall 2011 nursing class at Mercer also; anxiously checking my mail every day. I heard that a couple of acceptance letters have already gone out? My TEAS was an overall 88. My gpa is a 4.0. When did you apply?


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Is it possible to get enough scholarships to attend Mercer with full tuition covered by scholarships?


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Congrats on the acceptance!! I also will be applying to Mercer for Fall 2011. I sent my application in but I have not taken my TEAS yet. I will take it on April 12th. I know mercer has a rolling admission so I am a little concerned that I will be submitting my application pretty late. I've been lazy and putting off studying for TEAS. I am sooo nervous already. My GPA is not great so I really need to do well on my TEAS.


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OMG this waiting time is freaking me out! Its like if im not in, let me know so that I stop hoping!


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Have you finished all your pre-reqs? I'm taking speech, statistics, and abnormal psych at Gwinnett Tech during spring quarter. I was told by the admission advisor at Mercer that we could still be accepted while taking the final prerequisites contingent upon doing well in those classes. Every day, I wonder if I will find a letter from Mercer in the mailbox. I want to find out if I'm in or not so I can start working on the financial aid side of things.


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I too am waiting for a response. Have any of y'all heard back yet? How long should it take to hear from them?


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I also need to take like one more class, but all others yea im done. Still havent heard anything from them...:( You are right about financial aid side of it.


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I recently got in for the fall 2011!! And the financial side of it is definitely stressing me out!! I still have 3 pre reqs to take over the summer and they said if I get a C or better im good... So dont worry! I heard back a week after I applied and they gave me a month to put a deposit and reserve a spot. So im guessing once more people respond, more of y'all will here. Good luck everyone!!

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