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I quit

my job....:bluecry1::cry: I am in the last 20 minutes at my job of 10 years....OMG what am I doing?:lol_hitti I start my classes on January 16th. I am taking 1 week to get my house in order AGAIN after the kids have been out of school for the last 2 weeks.

Around 40 people from the company took me out for lunch, I tried so hard not to cry. This has been the best place ever to work....but now I must spread my wings and move on. Oh, my husband came up to the office with a few dozen roses and handed them out to various ones he has know over the last 10 years (his way of saying good-bye). Tears were flowing.

I am making the right decision right? :sofahider :no: Dang this sucks! Maybe I will feel better tomorrow...tomorrow is another day:uhoh21:

Oh, why didn't my hubby bring me flowers huh? He goes, "well, I do have some flower for you...a bag of flour in the car." :trout: He is preparing a special dinner for me...

vamedic4, EMT-P

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My heart goes out to you DAMomma...and I hope the future brings only happiness and continued success to you and your family.


Tweety, BSN, RN

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It's a bittersweet moment I'm sure.

Soon you'll be too busy to think about it. Know this: there will be many moments where you doubt yourself whether you are making the right decision......from that first clinical, to the first test........on through to taking NCLEX and into your first year of nursing. THAT IS NORMAL....expect it, but remind yourself that yes...you can do this and it was the right thing to do.


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I know such a big decision...but the timing is right and like you said...it is time to spread your wings!!! At least you can go visit!!

OMG! I'm in the same boat as you! I will be leaving my job of 13 years on 01/16/07 and my program starts 01/17/07. I decided to work up until the day of so I can get the last 2 week paycheck. I am going on vacation up until 02/15/07, and then on non pay leave up until June. If everything goes ok, I won't be back and is hoping for a voluntary buy out package while still in nursing school.

I have a range of emotions and I KNOW I'm gonna be crying my eyes out. Good thing is that the hospital is right down the street from my job and I can still have lunch with my co-workers on days I won't have clinicals.

Daytonite, BSN, RN

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This reminds me of the scene in the third Indiana Jones where he has to take the leap of faith. I'm glad you have lots of well-wishers to send you on your way. I'm sure you will do fine in nursing school. In a week you'll be immersed in so much nursing stuff--your dream. Have fun cleaning house! :(

Wow, it sounds as though this is really hard for you. :icon_hug: It is difficult to leave a place where you've been for so long, but you're also opening new doors to new possibilities. The road will be tough sometimes, but as my dad always said..." Out of manure comes flowers." Good luck to you in your journey and congratulations on this new phase of your life.

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