I put in my resignation notice today...


Judging from my posts I am unhappy where I work at. I adore the residents but, you all know the rest :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

I am not sure if I will be pursuing more CNA jobs. I intend to go back to school...shall see how the cards play out. The management there has zero intention of changing and I want no part of it anymore. I am finito.

Wish me luck. I gave it my best shot but at the end of the day, I control my happiness and destiny. I was miserable there and felt like a beaten dog. It is not cool to have the dreaded pit in my stomach on my days off because I would dread going back to work. I would rather have job hunting woes on my plate. ;)


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[[[hugs]]] :hug:

[[[good luck]]] :yelclap:

You'll find something better. I know you have done home health and LTC, but have you tried hospitals yet? I'm sure you are more than qualified for such a position.


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Congratulations! You are dedicated and obviously passionate about your work, and deserve to work somewhere where you'll be appreciated. Anyone reading your posts can see how bright, funny, and compassionate you are - time to find a job where you can flourish.

Good luck!


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Good luck! I was in the exact same boat last year. I swore I was done with CNA work when I quit my last job. I eded up finding something I love. :) I hope the same happens for you, whether it's in the nursing field or not.

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Thank you all for the encouraging posts.



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Good luck. I am in the same boat. The LTC facility I work at is horrible, at best. Poor management and I am convinced that the only requirements for the CNA is a certification and a heartbeat. I have threatened myself to quit many times but I have been there for nearly a year. I know my residents love me. I take care of them wholeheartedly. They appreciate this so despite all the crap I keep going back. I know I am making a difference. Someday, when I get my nursing license and eventual RN, I will have a good job, but I always want a job where I can see the difference I am making one smile at a time.



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Good for you for making that tough decision!! I think you made a very good decision and there will be brighter days ahead for you! Good luck with finding that perfect job......it's out there!

Aw, good luck finding something that you really enjoy! :) Just keep looking. :up: