I Passed!!!

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It was on the BON website about midnight last night! YEAH!! I'm so excited. It's official.... I have my license # and everything!! yeah!


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Congratulations... thats so wonderful.

:balloons: :balloons: Congratulations!!


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Congratulations!!! Hope you have a blast this Fourth - you've earned it!


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I passed back in 1989 and I still remember the feeling of finding out.


:nurse: :balloons:


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I came in from the parade and just thought I would see what was posted on this site again. When I saw this post, I just had to check. And sure enough, there it was - on a holiday, no less. I ALSO PASSED!!!! What an incredible relief. Now to truly enjoy the rest of the holiday. :)


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Congrats dsczephyr!!! I was also afraid that with it being a holiday that I wouldn't find out til Monday... but there it was! Yeah for us!!


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Agreed!!! Yeah for us - and now, to relax and enjoy the holiday weekend. Have fun!!!!

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Wooooooooooooot !!! :cool:

Here's to BOTH of you !!! Congrats and breathe again !

So excited for and with you !!! oh, HAPPY DAY !!! :D

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CONGRATS fourbirds!! I bet you must be floating in the clouds. I take boards on Wed and I'm ready also to be an actual nurse!!


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Hey! I passed too!! I took the boards on 6/18 and I got my results on Wednesday!! Congratulations to all of you who pass and better luck next to those who did not.


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