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Hey everybody I just wanted to let u know that you know that I did it I took the test in passed I was still nervous but I passed!!

I am calling places now for a job!! What fun!! Now I can add CNA to my title.


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Good for you!!!..CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!


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Thank you it was a hard road believe! Lmbo!


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Congrats to you!


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Thanks mimib.

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Congratulations!!! :yeah: :coollook:

What was your test like? My class is over in 3 weeks, and she wants us to test right after, since the majority of us are transitioning directly into the PCA program... the sooner the better, though! (just super nervous!)


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Congratulations! what skills did you have for your state exam?


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I had to take it again. This first time I was nervous but the nurse was really mean she wasn't even trying to say take a breath anything! They aren't suppose to tell you the answers but dang tell me to take a breath.

But when I went to my new place VERY MUCH better in nicer in I was still nervous. The first time I went I had transfer, occupied bed , peri care woman I failed transfer and peri. I was ****** about transfer!! But this time I did feeding, occupied bed, reposition w/ back rub. I passed all of them.

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