I passed NCLEX!!!!!

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Oh my gosh.... Im jumpping up and down right now because I just saw my name in the website that I passed! It was my 2nd time and I went to 225. I just want to thank everyone for their support during the time I failed the first time. Chis- at- lucus.... if your out there thank you, you were a great moral support.

I know now why it wasn't my time then....

For those of you out there about to take the NCLEX..... keep your faith. Oh... my gosh... I can't believe it!:rotfl: Nobody knows I went to take the boards last monday, so I have to tell everyone the great news today. I even worked three days in a row with a double shift right before the exam. But I wanted it so bad that in those three day I did about 900 question/answer (but that wasn't a good idea, I was just short in money). I studied only from Saunders, Kaplan and springhouse. Saunders was the best though....

Thanks for listening....... Lisa (California) oh yah... UCSF here I come!


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this is great!!!:chuckle congratulations!!! :balloons: you are a r.n. !!!:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

all the best for you!!!!!!!


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You have to change yor nick now!!! Isn't that great?

Congratulations!!! :balloons:


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get that "almost" off your name STAT!:) congrats!!! go out and celebrate!

almost an RN

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I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the Congrat's! I start working at UCSF on Monday. Im so excited....

I don't know how to change my loggin name?!?! Help!

Thanks again for listening... Lisa

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