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I PASSED NCLEX-RN! My story and how I did it :D


You are reading page 2 of I PASSED NCLEX-RN! My story and how I did it :D. If you want to start from the beginning Go to First Page.

Hello, I read in another of your posts about the Mosby's notebook? Can you clarify which this is ? I went ahead and am using Hurst, I love it. But with my NCLEX date set I cant help but panic and wonder if it is all I need. Trying to decide if I should purchase the Kaplan Qbank for 50 or buying a kaplan book, etc. Thank you!

I'm still waiting for my ATT.. There was a grade error that postponed us.. I find myself coming back to this post for inspiration!!!

I took a few days off from studying.. Hopefully, once I get my ATT, I'll be able to schedule to test soon..

Your story is so inspiring and amazing. Thank you for sharing :)

Sorry for the late reply. I have been working and have been busy! How did you do?~

Mosby's Drug Book! :D

& honestly, only YOU can tell what you need.

If you can answer questions without doubting your knowledge, get questions but if you are struggling with info then you need to review!

You are so inspirational!! I'm about to take the NCLEX and you just eased my worries. Thank you so much.