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I passed NCLEX-RN on my first attempt!

MelodiousDreamer has 4 years experience as a BSN.

hey all!

I took my NCLEX on July 31. My appointment was scheduled at 9am, but i was at the testing center as early as 8am. (it's great to be early!:cat:) I was able to take my exam at 8:30. The first question was easy but then after that i was getting really tough questions, it made me panic a bit coz they were mostly SATA questions. But then i realized that if i was getting too anxious, it would hinder my ability to really focus on the questions. I had to take a deep breath and tell myself, "I will get through this!" {Relax and keep calm! it helps you do better ;) } To be honest, it was truly a nerve wracking experience.

After two hours, i took my break (if you get too anxious during your exam, take your break!) this gave me time to breathe and compose myself lol. I got back to my computer and i felt more calm, i was already past 75 questions and i was grateful that i was still in it and i have the opportunity to make it a positive outcome. My computer shut off after 85 questions and i was truly glad. It took me two hours and fifteen minutes to finish my test and i felt it was truly worth it. it was a bittersweet moment when i left the testing center though coz while i was glad that it was all over, i was anxious again and wasn't 100% sure i passed lol.

The exam was really difficult :unsure: but totally passable! i had about 40 SATA, lots of delegation and prioritization, a few infection control and 1 hotspot question. 15 minutes after i took my exam, i got on the pearson website and got the good pop up!

I was very happy with the Pearson Vue Trick but I wanted to be really sure that i passed! i'm thankful New York participates in the quick results service ;) So i waited for 48 hours, and then 49 hours... and then 50 hours! i was getting really anxious by the minute.. still no results! :arghh: So i tried to be more patient and stopped reminding myself about the time. Shortly after 60 hours, i checked the website again and saw my quick results was available! Paid $7.95 and found out i PASSED!!!:laugh::D

So how did i prepare for this EXAM?

Well, to be honest i didn't do much. NO review courses, NO study group, I just studied on my own using SAUNDER'S COMPREHENSIVE REVIEW BOOK. i made sure i read each chapter and answered the chapter test, this took me about 5 weeks to do. On my second month of studying, i focused on answering questions on the CD that came with the saunder's book. there are over 4000 questions in it. i did at least 200-300 questions a day. Two weeks before my exam, i did the KAPLAN Q Trainer questions coz a lot of people said the questions were as hard as the NCLEX. and i do have to agree, the level of difficulty is a bit similar.

You dont need to spend too much money on reviewing, just make sure you understand the concepts and remember your content. If you need to practice strategy, use kaplan q trainer questions. You can get them on the internet lol.

So that's my story, i hope it's beneficial to someone. This website has been extremely helpful to me during my pre-nclex days! To anyone who's about to take the exam or you're just waiting for your results, keep praying and hang in there! Believe in yourself and do your best! :)



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