I passed the Nclex Pn 2016


Hello nurses and future nurses of the world...

i just wanted to come on here and thank everyone for writing so many great articles that helped me through nursing school and I wanted to give back....Did the Pearsonvue trick like 5minutes after it still works :woot:. But I knew I passed after walking out.

I passed the nclex on October.05,2016

My Lpn school bought us a subscription to Kaplan and they came and spoke to us and give us great tips on passing. I scored a 73 on their test they give you to see how well u will score on the nclex.

After school finish in July I became extremely lazy. And felt like I give school and my studies my all for so long I needed a break. But I passed after using uworld I felt the nclex pn was relatively easy. Just my opinion after using uworld but my classmates who uses Kaplan found it hard.

*****used uworld use uworld 50 dollars for a month was great 1114 question for one month. I used 500 questions with a score of 50%

****know lab values

****be like me and start studying for the nclex while in school I used Saunders book to help me learn while in classes

*****have faith believe you while pass. Power of positive thinking.

i can't stress enough use the rationales they are your best friend and uworld has extremely great ones

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Congratulations to you. :)


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Thank rn school and nclex next fingers crossed :woot:


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How did you study u world rationale. ..


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I was low on time since I took so long to start studying.I would go back after doing 25-85 question and review or google the ones I had that were wrong and read the ones that were correct...that's what worked for me.


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Congratulations!!! I bet that's an awesome feeling!!! I tested on 9/29/16 and still haven't received anything on whether or not I passed or failed! I'm seriously going crazy... Not sure if this wait is a good thing or not? It's been 2 weeks today, yet feels like 2 years!!! Ughh... Can anyone share if they too are still waiting for results? Test went to 205, I was scoring between 50-65% on Kaplan and the same on Evolve study questions... HELP ANYONE! P L E A S E

Hopeful. Lvn

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I'm in California and took my test on 9/19/16 haven't received my results and can't get through by phone