I passed my ATI med-surg (gate exam)


We had to achieve a 64.4% (level 2 proficiency) to pass the course. When I clicked 'finish' I thought I was in danger of failing. I ended up with an 80% which was level 3 (98th percentile nation)!

I just wanted to share, but I know a few people in my class failed, and have one more chance to pass. So, I didn't want to put anything on Facebook that would possibly rub it in.

Comments or questions appreciated.


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Congrats! I also made Level 3's on all ATI's except my most recent one(Made Level 2 on my Pharm one). ATI scares me everytime lol...I hold my breath just waiting!


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I hate ATI too, and I have gotten level 3 on everything so far except for Pharm.

One thing i learned about ATI is you really have to stick to your guns with ABC priority and Assessment first. They'll lead you toward another answer using the stem, but the answer will be about keeping the airway clear in some way (NG to suction for example).

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ATI is scary-I think its the way you take it. I also got a level 3 on med-surg woot woot just had to put that out there hahhaa Yahhh for us!