I have one C in one of my preq. classes, will this C stop me from getting into..

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I took physiology, and I earned a C in it. Will this stop me from getting into a Master Nursing program? I got a B in anatomy and an A in psychology (prequ. class also)

I still need to take 2 more science classes this fall.

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Not to discourage you but it is possible. There was a girl in my Stats class that was re-taking because she got a C in it and the nursing program I just graduated from turned her down and suggested she re-take Stats. I had straight As and got in, on of my instructors told me all my class mates had straight A's as well. It all very competitive right now and if you are applying to a merit school you have to be really on top.

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It might not stop you from getting into nursing school, but it probably will take you longer to get in....if you can get in. It is really competitive out there....and nursing school is very hard.


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It depends on the school and any other experience you may have. I got into nursing school with a C in Stats and a B in MicroBio and A's everywhere else. But I also already have a BS in Public health and have experience in the health field.


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I got into CSULB first try with one class in progress so that it counted as a C. I got A's everywhere else and scored well on the Teas, but I definitely got in and others with C's did as well.


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maggiofliore if you dont mind me asking what was your pre rec gpa and overall gpa to get in. I to have A's in micro physio stats etc but got a C in anatomy and now I am really worried that I will not make it in anywhere. Any thoughts or suggestions? Can you also tell me some other 3 unit classes you took like example humanities or any other classes? Do you like the program at CSULB? Can you tell me anything else about your experience with CSULB and when they told you you got in there or gpa ? Thanks!


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umm if you go to CSULB.edu/nursing you can find information about the statistics of the applicants who were accepted each semester. CSULB is alot easier to get into than ADN programs in my opinion because I know a handful of people in my class alone who had a couple C's. I dont know what my gpa was other than that I had a 4.00 and then that one IP equalling a C.

I really hate my nursing program but most people do regardless of the school. The clinical education is fantastic and lecture is usually good too but I have found that the bureaucracy of the establishment is overbearing and the general attitude from the staff has been poor/degrading/hostile. The teachers are great though. I think there have been many kinks along the way but you'll find that with most schools anyways...if not worse!

I have been told by many people though that our clinical experiences are superb and we get to do quite a lot. I love clinical and lecture...just not all the other problems with disorganization and staff

good luck

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