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I am a nursing student and I would like to go to Med SchoolD


I am currently a nursing student and I would like to go to Med school afterwards. I am considering enrolling at a 4 year university as a non degree seeking student and taking the additional classes. Should I do this while in school or after graduation?

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If you really want to be a MD...go to medical school. You are wasting time in nursing school. Being a nurse is not going to be very helpful in medical school. Both work with patients, but they are night and day from each other as well as have different philosophies. Nursing is nurturing, medicine is treating. This is what makes Nurse Practitioners great...they are a blend of both!

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In order to go to medical school you will need a Bachelors Degree and also to complete the specific pre req's for the specific medical school/s you are trying to get into. It doesn't seem to matter what your major is as long as you get really good grades. The pre req's are usually Biology 1 &2, Inorganic Chem 1 & 2 , Organic Chem 1 & 2, Physics 1 &2, Sometimes biochem. will be required. I have seen different math requirements- some want calculus 1 &2 and some have less math requirements. You also need to take MCAT. The specific pre req's are what prepare you for MCAT so take it soon after you complete your pre req's. You can go the MD or DO route.

Lots of nurses become doctors and with the "non/not-nurse shortage" and many nurses getting their BSNs with bleak job outlooks, I am willing to bet that there will be many more BSNs applying to med school. I have seen many recent inquiries on RNs becoming doctors on the SDN and old premeds forums etc.

Having actual patient care experience is a plus on med school applications. A lot of pre- med students have only volunteered in a ER or some become EMTs to get a little hands on care for their applications. A nurse has more responsibility and higher patient care skills. If you can get your RN and work a little bit it will benefit you as an applicant whether you go MD or nurse practitioner.

If you already have a BSN and don't have the pre req's for med school it is harder to get financial aid to cover that so you should definitely work them into your original bachelor's degree if you can.

If you are unsure about the path you want to choose, you can always try shadowing a MD or Do and a few Nurse Practitioners to see what their jobs really entail.

As long as your Bachelors program is at an accredited US college/university the credits should transfer. Be sure to check with the Professional graduate program/s that you are planning to apply to.

Some of the community colleges are now becoming state colleges offering 4 yr degrees etc. but their tuition is still lower than some of the traditional universities so they are a good place to do those extra pre med post bacc (pre req's) especially if you are having to pay for them without the help of financial aid etc.