I am new, How to prepare CGFNS test?


HI everyone, I am new here. I need some helps because i intend to take cgfns test in July 2006. I aleady pass the english requirement through IELTS.

therefore, what shall I do and what material (books and cd) do i have to study? In question, what is the diffrentiation of NCLEX-RN test and CGFNS test?

Thank you so much and nice to know all off you.


suzanne4, RN

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I answered your other post. If you are going to work in NY, you do not need the CGFNS exam, and I would not even take it. Perparation for it is quite different than preparation is for the NCLEX-RN and you will need to write the NCLEX-RN to get a license to work in the US. CGFNS is just a weeding out exam, no license comes from it.


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dear Suzana

first of all, I would like to thanks for your information. BTW I still keep intend to take cgfns test through other state, because I live in south east asia and i am afraid that i don't have enough money to go to hongkong for NCLEX-RN test. Therefore, please inform me what other state doesn't need cgfns but directly to nclex-rn, so i can enroll to the state that must required cgfns.

and what material (books and cd) is the best to prepare myself for cgfns test? Suzana thanks for your kind assisstance.


suzanne4, RN

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Ehich country are you actually in? NCLEX is now offered in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Seoul, Saipan, and will be in Japan in a few months.

Still no reason to take the CGFNS exam. Most of the better facilities will not hire based on CGFNS score alone, they want proof of passing NCLEX exam, so you are just wasting money unless you are specifically going to work in a state that requires it. You are still going to need to do the NCLEX exam.

I lived and worked in SE Asia, and still would not recommend that you take that exam.


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Dear Suzana,

first of all thanks again for your information.

basicly i haven't sent the cgfns application yet because i have to make sure all of the information which state required cgfns. as i read from the website i can work in the u.s. with temporary license or temporay permit by passing the cgfns and english test, but to get the permanent license i have to take and pass the nclex-rn. my point is i can enter to u.s. by green card because one hospital who hire me will help or promote me to get the green card eventhough i only get cgfns and english test ((visascreen certification).

suzana this is my reason why i keep intend to take cgfns test. do you have any suggestion or comment? is this acceptable to some state in the u.s.?

thanks before


suzanne4, RN

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You are wasteing you time with taking the CGFNS exam, most hospitals want to see proof of passing the NCLEX exam before hiring. It is your choice as to what to do, but I am suggesting that you do not do it unless you know that the state where you wish to work requires it. You will be easily be wasting six months.

It also requires a completely different preparation for the NCLEX from the CGFNS.

Most states do not offer the interim permits either anymore. And the ones that do, a very small numnber of hospitals will hire a foreign nurse with just that. You are just making much more work for yourself.


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Suzanne, is right. Pls. DOn't waste your time with the exam unless you have plans for Michigan, NJ, CT, and PA. Majority of states just needs CGFNS' credential evaluation service and some don;t even need anything from CGFNS.

Best plan is know first what state/s you want to apply. Go to their website and just do everything they require.

I already know MANY who did the CGFNS exam and applied to states or will be endorsing that don't need it. Point is: you can save $300 and you can save a lot of time and effort when you can just go apply directly to sit for the NCLEX and study for it.



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