I am so nervous...Advice plz for NCLEX PN


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I am taking the NCLEX PN on the 29th...and I have never been so nervous in my life. In school, I got all A's and B's, on the ATI I was given a 98% chance of passing on my first time, and everyone I have graduated with who has taken the NCLEX so far has passed. Yet still I am so nervous! What if I fail? I need advice...what to study? I dont kno where to start! I have the Saunders and Davis books. I have been answering the questions on the disks. What else do I need to do/know? I am a wreck! Everyone keeps telling me that I will pass...but there is still that nagging doubt in my head..please help me!:cry:



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Question we all need to ask our self:

1- what is CAT? It's tailored to match our individual competences level. We all have different level of competences.

2- what are the minimum and maximum question? All candidate are required to answer @ least 60/70 question correctly and 15 question are sample question which are outscored.

What's Test Anxiety and how to deal with it?

1-feeling insecure about our performance

2-worry over something you've no control over

3-thinking about what people might feel if you failed

4- unpreparedness

5- worry about time allotted to finish the test

5 Bad habit of anxiety

1- smoking or drinking more frequently

2- biting nails, fidgeting with hairs etc

3- trouble falling asleep

4- daydreaming

5- eat more/less food

All these factors contribute to inability to perform effectively while preparing for an exam. I know is not possible to eliminate all these, but always keep them under control. Always have it in mind the exam is given in other to test your ability but not to punish you. Look at the exam as not being forced on you, but as a requirement to move up in your career.

How is your study environment? Try to study in a quite zone with less distraction and external noise because they will interfere with the ability to concentrate and learn. Study in a comfortable and relaxed environment.

How long did you study? Don't study for long hours! You might end up not understanding but cramming!!

Do you have study mate? Study with others who you think have the same ability or know more than you. If you're an average student, do not study with student who always made A's because they will always skip material that's necessary for you to review. Neither study with student who made C's because they will end up having to study material is of any importance.

Keep sufficient time available for yourself to study on your own and never study too long with your study group. Keep your study group serious.

Keep the study group small, because if the study groups are large, there is a greater tendency to become distracted.

Do not come for study review unprepared!!

Used prepared test question in the review book as a guide to help out.

Take the comprehensive test at the back of the test.

Always test in a test mode i other to keep track of your performance

Develop used of flash cards

Pause after reading and jot down the important point for reference

Take a practice test that you think will be included in the test

Review the area of weakness first in other to have time to review again before the exam

After a month of studying practice the pretest/comprehensive test at the back of the study guide to see how you're doing. Have you improved?

Relax a day before the exam and get sufficient sleep. You need to be physically and mentally alert!!

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