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Hello everyone. I'm very nervous about asking this but here goes..

The Background I recently interviewed at a hospital and was pretty much hired on the spot. I was asked to come give a drug and background (fingerprint) screen, and to take my photo id yesterday.

The Problem During my interview the NM didn't ask about any previous employment, so I felt it wasn't important and I just didn't bring it up. However, I left my previous employer (different hospital) about 2 weeks ago after being there only 2.5 weeks (It wasn't working out) I was still on probation (can leave hospital within 90 days of orientation). Last night I realized this employer isn't listed on my application (completed application before began last job)

Good news Me and My last employer left on good terms and I left on protocol so if this does happen to show up I really have nothing to worry about.

I"M WORRIED and wondering if maybe I should just go ahead and call NM however it may look as though I really don't want this job for I cant see way it would interfer at this point or change the outcome of me getting the job.

OR should I just move on and if it comes up explain the reasoning. Anybody ever been through something like this or can anyone offer advice. I surely will appreciate it.

Do these kind of things show up on background checks???

P.S I wonder if I should even put the 1st employer the one I stayed with only 2.5 weeks anyway on my application for I wasn't technically operationg on my own?


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If it were me, I would just not mention it. Its very unlikely that it would come up later unless you bring it up, and should NOT interfere with you getting this job. However, just be aware that technically you lied on your resume and if a vendetta ever comes up against you, they can use this as a reason to fire you without other cause. This is also not likely at all. Good luck.


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Thanks ChristyRN2009, I appeciate your advice

thats what bothers me so I always think the worse possible outcomes. I wish I would have listed them on my job application but it was/is too late, for I didn't think they were going to call me into an interview so soon or at all. Guess I'll have to keep moving and try to stay positives.. PROBLEM I hate liars and I cringe at the thought of being called one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Excuse my ignorance whats a vendetta?


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I would not mention it. You did not misrepresent yourself when you filled out the application. Hopefully this experience will be better than your last!

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I do not think you misrepresented yourself. If it comes up at all (and probably will not) just say "I was there such a short period of time that I felt it not significant enough to mention" or something to that effect. Good luck on the new job.

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don't worry about it. Any job that I left before 90 days I always left off my resume.

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There is no way one employer can know about another place you worked unless the facility is owned by the same corporation. If you don't tell them you worked at this one place for 2.5 weeks they will never know unless you tell them. Why would you want to tell them? And, no they do not show up on background checks unless we are talking about Homeland Security and even then they might not discover it unless they look at your tax records. Just move on and have a much happier career at this new place.


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Technically, I don't think it's even true that you lied on your application. You said that you filled out the application for the new job before you even started at the old (2.5 week) job, right? How could you list a job you hadn't started yet? I don't think anyone is going to say that you should have filled out a new application. In your interview, did they specifically ask you if you've ever had another job as a nurse, and did you say no? In that case, yes that would be a lie, but it sounds like you didn't do this. But not updating a written application? Not a lie, as far as I'm concerned.

I agree that it's very unlikely that your new employer will ever find out about this other job but if they do, you simply explain that you hadn't started that job yet when you filled out the application, and that you didn't mention it in the interview because you didn't think 2 weeks of experience was enough to be relevant. End of story.

Do not tell them, and please, relax! You'll be fine. Good luck with the new job!

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