I need a NCLEX-RN Tutor in Tampa Bay, Florida


I need a nclex tutors in the Tampa Bay, Florida i have taken the test before and failed. i'm in great need to pass this next time. I don't even mind a study groups or study partners:crying2:. PLEASE HELP


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Hi. I ran across your post by googling "NCLEX tutor tampa bay". I'm in the same place you were at in Aug 2011. I've failed the NCLEX once and i'm scared and very depressed. I did everything to pass and I'm in a uncomfortable and desperate place right now. I simply want this to be over. It's like I wake up every morning to the nightmare that I have to retake that exam and I dread it.

I've never posted to this site, but when I came across your post I could understand exactly what you felt then because I'm feeling lonely and depressed now. Please tell me what to do or what tutor you found. I'm out of contact with other classmates. It's been six months since I graduated. I'm afraid to fail again.

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Have a good read here in this forum and see what worked for many. I would suggest practicing questions and reading the rationales even if you got the question right as they will give you keywords to look for in the question to assist you


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I went to the extreme, I was so depressed too, so I decided to challenge the LPN boards...money wasnt an issue i just wanted to start working instead of sitting at home and cant even concentrate on what to read. I passed the LPN boards...worked for 2 months and started reading again, focusing on prioritizations. I didnt take the Florida boards again, I took the New york boards of nursing and passed it. New york boards of nursing...u can keep taking it as long as you passed the boards and u dont have to take no remedial class.