I need a job !


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Help ! I was offered a job via a formal letter of opportunity for me to review and call with any questions. Yes,... I do have some.. questions but some are things I really should have thought of when I was at the interview !! Talk about a dunce ! Any help out there ??? I'll tell you more ...

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...maybe you should tell us more...


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Thanks... MDS job,...should have asked to meet the LPN I'll work with.I don't know how the duties are divided. Meetings,how many do I have to go to ? Letter says Base salary,paid biweekly. So,I'm not hourly? I'm respondsible for 8 hours of staff development weekly. How do I know if I'm being lured in for the kill ? I interviewed with my resume a month ago. He told me he'd get back to me in about a week,"had other candidates to see". One week later,his sec.called me,he wants me to come back to complete an applic.! At that time, he said "things look good for me". Finally,I get a phone call,another couple of weeks later...last week,Weds. He told me he's got a letter of job offer coming to me in a day or two !. One week later..... I get this... letter, this weds. It is dated Jan.5, here it is Jan.15,he asks it be returned by Jan.19 !! Sorry,so loooong..I'm sweating, because,I had a phone interview yesterday for another job., that I should hear within a week about an in person intervew for an RN.manager for a small assisted living. What do you guys think...I know I need a job....


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Hello...If you are currently unemployed, and you have a written job offer in hand...SIGN IT. I wish I had a job offer of any kind right now. The economy is only going to get worse, the job situation is only going to get worse, and facilities are going to be slashing jobs right and left once the govt starts sending them IOUs instead of payments. Congrats on being so sought after!!!!!:wink2:

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I've done both types of jobs, and it depends on what you want to get out of a job besides pay and benefits.

MDS experience is invaluable. You'll need a lot of training, because nobody comes into a coordinator position knowing how to code the sections properly (meaning it's both legal AND profitable to the SNF). However, I've found these jobs to be far less about good resident care than how much paperwork you can deal with in a 60- or 70-hour week, how often you get called in to cover shifts (at NO extra pay), and how many meetings you can attend without falling asleep. I wouldn't be an MDS coordinator again for anything (and believe me, the management at my current facility is already working on me to consider it).

The ALF job is also very heavy on responsibility, and you will again be putting in many more hours than you get paid for. But even if you have to do staffing and/or cover the floor, the work is not as hard physically because of the lower acuity of the residents, and it can be a lot more fun---I loved my ALF residents like family, and indeed still do.

Once again, I wish you the best in making your decision!


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Thanks for your help !! I appreciate it .....

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