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I need a J-O-B

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I moved from California to Kansas to take a nursing position at a school. It is not a school nurse but it is working with special needs children in the classroom. We only have ONE kiddo that comes 2 hours a day that needs a water flush of the G-tube while they are there. I feel like I am losing my skills. I need a hospital job or something. I;m at such a loss. If I hear one more person tell me what a great field nursing is because of the jobs I am going to loose it.

I just want to be a NURSE. This is all I have ever wanted.

Yea, I feel ya. I just had a newer neighbor say she sees signs along the highway looking for nurses for hospitals. I say, probably they are old!!!!! Her son goes to Kstate, or KU. Hard to make people believe that they have incorrect info isn't it? She was telling me I should move to KS that jobs were easy to find there. Also know a Dr. and RN wife from the St. Louis area, they are both out of the mix and doing their own thing, they say there is a nursing shortage!!!!!! I want to smack them.

at least you have a job!! but i feel for you. I am a new grad as well live..living in KC and have been turned down by hospitals, nursing homes, and schools. where is this nursing shortage???!!! i hate when i'm talking to somebody and i tell them i'm a new grad RN looking for a job and they always say "ooh, you'll have no problem finding a great job!"

liessssssssssssssssssss all lies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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In tampa, florida Lots of job postings, relentless resume sending and filling out applications and still can not get a job. I would like to use the skills i learn before i loose them. Any one knows the trick/ tips to getting a LPn job with hospitals and Alfs without experience..


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keep applying and be available to work any shift any day.

I got my LPN job by networking in a college class with LPNs who are working.


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i did all that, even apply for nights, which i am not alert to do.(day person)