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I need insurance for nursing school...?


I need to get insurance because my school doesn't offer the type of insurance I need...They only have accident and sickness insurance...I want to get regular health coverage and I think we have to get student malpractice insurance....I go to Brookdale Community College, and if you were in Nursing school there or know somebody who went there can you please help me!

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Both insurances are a common requirement for nursing school. Infact - health insurance is a requirement for most colleges. Most offer student health insurance plans for a fairly low rate of money. The malpractice is standard as well - you don't have to pay full rate, but rather a student nurse rate. This protects you as well as the school should something go wrong. If your college doesn't offer any insurances - call a few local colleges to see what company they work with to find out if they would cover you too.

It's easy to go to web based insurance sales... you can use something like ehealthinsurance.com to just compare plans. Or go to the carrier's main websites and look for student plans, or individual plans. Thing is you have to get a looksy to see how they work, and how much you pay for what level of coverage. It's not going to be fun. It is wise to ask several students how they worked things out. I don't know your age, but if you are young you might still qualify to be covered under your parent's work health plans. Some plans will cover a full time student up to the mid 20's. You might also call the school's health center or the nursing department for some ideas.


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NSO offers good malpractice for a low rate. I pay $107 per year as an RN. They have student rates that are lower.

Health Insurance, all I can say is google it and see what you find. Remember, the cheapest isn't ALWAYS the BEST.

Good LUCK and CONGRATS on getting into school!