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I need some help

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I'm a second year nursing student and I need help on a care plan. I have 3 priorities: Dementia, Falls, and Nutrition. I have to make a Nanda diagnosis for each priority and then I need 3 Noc and 3-5 Nic. I am having huge difficulty figuring out where to start and what to do for each. If any one has any suggestions or answers that would be great, Thanks.

chevyv, BSN, RN

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Do you have any care plan books? I often have 3 opened during my assignment. They are a huge help.

Look for Mosby NANDA book with care plans. great book! I have used it and I told other nursing students and they loved the book too.

one suggestion: of each priority what is the biggest problem as a nurse that you can work on.

for example: nutrition - is the patient not getting enough nutrients or too much nutrients..

good luck.

nursemarion, BSN

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Dementia= Neurosensory area- how does you patient show the dementia? Confusion? Impaired memory? Tailor it to what you know about the patient

Falls=Safety-what is the biggest problem your patient is having? Risk of injury? or mobility?

Nutrition= Food and fluid - as above -too much? too little?

You have to think these things through for the individual patient. it will help you develop critical thinking skills and prioritize your care.

Daytonite, BSN, RN

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you know your 3 problem areas. you merely need to find nursing diagnoses for them.

  • dementia - this is also called confusion
  • falls
  • nutrition

even if you don't have a care plan book, you can find noc and nic information for diagnoses for all three of these nursing problems on both of these care plan constructors:

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