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I need some help... which school?


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I am getting so anxious. I can't decide what school to go to. I am looking into the RN-BSN program and I want to start in Jan. I got approved for the pell grant for some money. But for the most part I will be paying out of pocket.

I graduated with my RN from EC in June 2010. I have many pre-reqs from my local community college. But it still seems I am lacking 4-6 general credits from all the academic advisors I have talked to.

I am looking into Chamberlain RN-BSN, Western Govener's (WGU), and University of Texas at Arlington (UTA).

I just can't decide. Chamberlain is so expensive, and the lady didn't really address how long the program would take. 3 semesters I got that... but is that 1 year... then including what pre-reqs I need. WGU seems very cost effective, but worried about how they determine the GPA because eventually I want to go to school for my FNP.

University of Texas seems promising, complete in 13 months for 6,450 plus 350.00 for each additional general credit i need.

What I am looking for is the quickest and cheapest??? Does one exist?

I heard someone completed her BSN from WGU in 8 months. Can this really be done? I even read someone say they want to be done in 6 months and that is her goal? Is this possible??

I am just so undecided on what school and really need some guidance and advice.

Thanks all!!


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Oh, and on another note/personal note. I live in South Florida. My husband and I moved here 3 months ago. WE HATE it. We want to move when our lease is up which is in August. If WGU can completed in 8 months or less like another person projected her path. I really want to go with them. That way we can move back to our hometown or move to Maine. If we move to Maine I need to have my BSN first, I noticed most jobs want a BSN and I hear the market is really competitive there.

Are there any Maine nurses that can agree or disagree with this?

thanks again : )

I'm not a Maine nurse, but, I do know that the majority of healthcare facilities are making a BSN a requirement. Many ADN schools are starting to change there program or contract out to BSN programs.

I'm working on my BSN through Thomas Edison State College on line program. Its a great program and very convenient. As long as you have a laptop, you can work on your school work from anywhere.

Good luck to you :)

Laura T


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I finally decided... I'm going with WGU!!

thanks, all! : )